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2012 May 17th - Key Performance Indicators 

07-01-2013 10:33

Kevin Kilgor from FMI will be presenting Key Performance Indicators that Drive Results. What do you have in your bag of tricks that enables you to access key information quickly and accurately? By understanding there are measurable metrics in Work Acquisition, Operations, and all corporate services (sales, marketing, business development, accounting, HR, IT, safety, legal) you can begin to identify key strengths and weaknesses. Together, these dashboard metrics or KPI’s can be used to successfully run a business as a total picture of what is occurring within the organization. The result is empowered managers understanding the pulse of their business at a glance to take necessary action. This interactive session will examine the various resources available in our industry to you to best serve your business. Topics for discussion: •Understand what KPIs are and how implementing them will affect your business •Define the behaviors that drive successful contractors •Learn how to successfully integrate people, process, and technology into your business for “above average” results •Develop a “scorecard” that will define and measure qualitative success

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