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Fleet management/company structure- General contractor

  • 1.  Fleet management/company structure- General contractor

    Posted 07-29-2020 14:09

    We are currently reviewing the purchasing and tracking of our vehicle (mainly trucks) and was wondering if anyone had done any analysis around this.  We have historically used separate leasing company/entity to purchases vehicles and then lease them back to our main operating company.  The vehicles are then charged to jobs through the equipment module in our accounting software.  Any thoughts or recommendations for whether or not to purchase vehicles directly through the operating company or through the leasing company?    

    In a related topic, we recently spoke with a large fleet management company about their ability to help with purchasing and tracking vehicles. They are able to keep the total cost of vehicle ownership low by having large purchasing power and also having preferred vendors for vehicle maintenance.  Any thoughts or perspective on this would also be appreciated.  Thanks,

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