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  • 1.  Missed Subcontractor Invoices

    Posted 10-06-2020 14:28
    One problem that seems to keep presenting itself for us is missed subcontractor billings.  We discover them months later when the sub is asking for payment - the sub sent the pay app to the PM on the project and never to the accounting email that we specified in their subcontract.  Either that or the sub just 'forgets' to bill the job.  I am trying to come up with a way to make the process much simpler/smoother/more efficient - without having the manual steps such as looking at a committed cost report and emailing subs who may have forgot to bill.

    My initial thought was to somehow use MyAssistant (we use Sage 300 CRE) to send the subcontractor a 'statement' that shows all of the invoices they have submitted with their respective dates so they can see if there is an invoice we have not received and recorded on our end.  Or maybe have MyAssistant send out a notification on open commitments that have not billed in the last month?

    Any other ideas/suggestions/comments would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks in advance :)

    Aleisha Coons
    MLB Construction Services, LLC
    Malta NY
    (518) 289-1371

  • 2.  RE: Missed Subcontractor Invoices

    Posted 12-07-2020 17:10
    Edited by Blair Chenault 12-08-2020 10:59
    Hey Aleisha, 

    One thing that you could do to address the subs forgetting to send the email to accounting would be to get your PMs to set up email forwarding rules so that any email that does not contain the accounting email address but does contain a file that matches your pay app filename is automatically forwarded to the accounting email. 

    Another solution would be to use some sort of pay app management system. Some of the options out there include Textura, GC Pay, or Flashtact. Since I am the founder of Flashtract, I will tell you that this is our bread-and-butter. Using our software we can set up rules for which documents that you want your subs to submit and once they are submitted you can route them through any path that you want. In your example it would go to the PMs first and then as soon as they approve it, it would be sent to the accounting team. 

    I would be happy to help you get this set up or just talk through your situation and get you set up with the email forwarding. You can send me an email directly,

    Hope this helps!

    Blair Chenault