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  • 1.  Working in Ohio

    Posted 02-20-2018 08:57
    We're an Indiana-based GC that also works in Illinois and Kentucky. We're beginning to look work in Ohio and have a couple of projects under consideration. As a firm that's never worked in that state, can you help me understand from your perspective anything I'd want to know. For example, I hear the WC is state run - what does that mean for rates? Do you have to have audited financials to be a licensed GC in Ohio (some states require audited, others do not)? Indiana has local tax in every county which is pretty easy to pay online whereas Kentucky has local tax in every city and county and you have to file individually on paper.

    We run Viewpoint so any insights there would also be helpful in terms of lessons learned in the setup for Ohio...assuming we go there.

    I appreciate any insight you could provide in helping me advise our leadership about these potential projects.

    Michael Preyss
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  • 2.  RE: Working in Ohio

    Posted 03-05-2018 13:04
    A few years ago my previous firm was working in Ohio.
    You are correct Ohio is one of the Monopolistic States.
    However I ran across a group (the name escapes me) but they were somewhat of an offshoot of the government WC.  You paid $100 to be a member then you got really good discounts through them where they pooled companies.  They were really good to deal I believe various organizations have Sponsor Group where they collectively go to the State Program and manage all their own cases but they are restricted to OH.

    OhioBWC - Employer: Group-experience-rating overvie

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