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    ​John, That's exactly right. Once you have covered your overhead through normal margins, it's amazing how fast the dollars accumulate on the bottom line through higher volume and overhead efficiencies, even when pursuing and accepting work at lower ...

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    Thank you Michael, This is consistent with many of the other comments.  Unfortunately, my data is not project level data, which would be incredibly rich, (and incredibly varied).  So I am actually challenging the assumption based on the relationship ...

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    Sean, My data is year-end financial reports, so I don't have access to project level finances.  But that seems to be a necessary step to really evaluate this phenomenon.  Overly simplified, with the nearly 1500 responses to self-reported financials, ...

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    Caryl, Explain to me this process of lowering margins to increase net earnings?  Are you saying that you took on more work (volume) at lower margins, but managed them without raising fixed costs, and as such were able to yield increased net profits?  ...

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    Douglas, It's interesting you mention a residency.  I've got one set up this summer for a Colorado based contractor, to examine exactly this phenomenon.  So this dialogue is incredibly helpful in creating a focus for those two months of off-contract ...

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    Greg, I think you've hit on it there.  There's just too much variability from one job to another to say that a contractor behaves consistently in terms of margins.  What is the exercise you go through to determine if you are close to that 100% capacity?  ...

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    Timberscan has a program called Commander that will automatically email all the pay stubs to each employee. One command will email all the pay stub report right out of the Sage Payroll module.  The emails are password protected utilizing the last 4 digits ...

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    Note, we are a general who subcontracts out a vast majority of our work. We generally get higher margins for lower value jobs. Our fixed cost are disproportionately higher for lower revenue jobs than for higher revenue jobs. Generally, cash received ...

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  • Let's Welcome our Newest Members!

    The CFMA Piedmont Chapter would like to welcome two new members to the group: Douglas Beane of Samet Corporation, and Patrick Love of DH Griffin.
  • Feb 8th 2018-Economic Update with Steve Scranton-Chief Investment Officer-Washington Trust Bank

    Thursday, February 8, 2018 Lunch at 11:30 Presentation beginning at 12:00 pm The Inland Northwest CFMA welcomes back Steve Scranton as he shares his views on global and national trends, and their impact on our region’s economy and the construction industry in particular.   Steve is the Chief Investment Officer and Economist for Washington Trust Bank and is a CFA charter holder with over 30 years of investment experience. Steve designs strategies and policies related to client and bank-owned ...
  • Welcome to Bradley Russell

    On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Honolulu Chapter of CFMA, we would like to welcome our newest member to our chapter, Bradley Russell of Inland Glass and Aluminum.  We all look forward to meeting you at one of our upcoming events.
  • Making Safety Pay

    ​The slide deck from our last meeting references the potential exposures and financial implications of varying kinds of hazards in the workplace.  Take a look for a refresher from our January meeting.
  • CFMA/SAW: Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Districts

    Join us on Thursday, February 22, 2018 to take a look at TIF Districts. Please use the link provided (it opens a Word Document) and follow directions to RSVP to this session. Cost is $35 per person. We hope to see you there!

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