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    RE: ERP systems

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    http://www.ctnd.com/ Excellent solution that could fullfill your manufacturing needs (the outlier on your list) as well as the others. Strong ERP service provider. ------------------------------ Chalyce Wilde Controller Quality Fire Woods Cross UT ...

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    Kimberly, If you are still looking into Foundation, give me a call or shoot me an email. I on-boarded their software as a controller for an earthwork/utility contractor last year. There is a lot that I know now, that I wish I would have known then, ...

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    I am not a fan of outsourcing payroll, but I understand why companies do it. Payroll is tedious and time consuming, especially if your organization puts a lot of emphasis on accurate job costing. That said, it comes down to how many employees you have ...

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    RE: Incentive Plans

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    We just implemented this for our PM's, and went through a variety of compensation approaches. The same question is raised time and time again by PM's and..."Am I going to be penalized by poor bidding on the estimators part?" I could go on for quite ...

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    What programs are available for contractors to track and check wage /fringe benefits that are submitted by subcontractor's for Davis Bacon jobs? Thank you ------------------------------ Janice Lowery MBA Controller Balfour Beatty US Orlando, FL ...

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    We also use Spectrum and are looking at different options for mobile time entry. Our most important criteria is that it has to be crew based. I would appreciate any feedback from actual users. I appreciate the input from the vendors, but I have plenty ...

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    This presentation by Adam Victor of Systems Engineering demonstrates why it's important to establish a data breach response plan. Click the link to stay ahead of the inevitable and to know how to respond when it does happen. Cyber Security Presentation ...

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    Penny, We have many construction clients using Comdata with their ERP. Comdata and most construction ERP's created integration in to Comdata's Virtual Card and CC system and they have the ability to download data from Iconnect Data (Online system) to ...

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  • CFMA Online Course: Treasury Management, March 15-16 & 22-23

    This four-part workshop is designed for construction company controllers and CFOs who desire to learn the fundamental skills of Treasury Management and who have a strong working knowledge of construction accounting and cash management.

  • CFMA Webinar: Maximizing Financial Reporting to Secure Financing, March 8

    This 60-minute webinar will review what financial data should be provided to lenders to best position the firm for financial assistance. The presenters will explore how industry underwriting trends, current events and market conditions can impact financial ...

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  • CFMA's Annual Conference & Exhibition

    "The Foundation for Success"
    June 3-7, 2017
    Phoenix, Arizona

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  • CFMA South Florida March 15th General Meeting

    Topic: Foundation for Leadership Success
    Presented by: Dale Carnegie of South Florida

    Based on the time-tested Dale Carnegie principles of Winning Friends and Influencing People, this interactive and high-energy session focuses on best practices for engaging our teams at a deeper level. CFMA Members will learn how to influence others by building trust, understanding the unique needs of their team, and taking total ownership of their role in achieving organizational goals.

    During this interactive ...

  • Welcome to Lisa Capuano

    On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Honolulu Chapter, we would like to welcome Lisa Capuano, Comdata, to our chapter. We look forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming events!

  • Thank you to Paul Brewbaker

    Thank you to Paul for once again providing our members with his insightful views on current economic trends in Hawaii and the nation at our luncheon held on March 1st.

  • March 22nd, 2017 - Bridging the Gap Between Accounting & Operations

    Registration is now open for our upcoming meeting scheduled for March 22nd, 2017 at 7:30 am, Wolfert's Roost Country Club.

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