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    TPT tax

    Gov. Ducey recently signed SB1409 regarding TPT tax law. The new law is effective December 31, 2018. Any bids submitted or contracts entered into or any other binding obligations executed before December 31, 2018 will use the current tax law. Highlight ...

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    RE: Car Allowance

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    ​Good morning Nicole! We are moving away from car allowances here but still have 3 of our PM's and one Operations Manager with an allowance. Our amount is $1,000 a month and is just the allowance. It is the employee responsibility to keep up with the ...

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    ​Great thanks!  So, it's just subcontractor's, not normal PO's, like say AT&T, dumpsters, utilities, material purchases, etc?  Does your accounting staff create the requisition for those?  vr, pete ------------------------------ Peter Gauger BS Accounting ...

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    ​We are requiring it for all of our subcontractors on any new projects.  And we started this in January, so currently about one-half of our projects have this as a requirement.  So we are phasing it in on new projects going forward.  We should be at 100% ...

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    Thank you for the information, very very helpful.  We have a direction now, we really appreciate all the help! ------------------------------ Kimberly Peterson EVP Beeler Construction, Inc. Menomonee Falls WI (262) 252-7000 ------------------------- ...

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    We have grown to 315 field employees around the DC/MD/VA area. This has made tracking parking reimbursement a 24 hour per week job. If the employees pay cash at the garages, they are given a hand written receipt which is ripe for fraud, and we have discovered ...

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    One of the most important things a finance person can do. I have tried to make a habit of visiting job sites and I always learn new things. Visualizing what I read and hear about is important to my understanding. It also gives me an updated perspective ...

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    Agreeing with Guy about the RFID being the better solution. Elevation issues are solved so that location of workers are not only indicated by floor, but by zone within each floor. I know that Triax is working on improving the Spot-r program to be able ...

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    We have had several new members join CFMA, unfortunately the announcement email were caught in my SPAM folder.  My apologies for not recognizing new members timely.  I'll post a couple per week until I get caught up.
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    Our May 15th, 2018 meeting was a success, thanks to the information and entertainment of Wayne Newitts , Director of Strategic Partnerships at Viewpoint.
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    On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Honolulu Chapter of CFMA, we would like to welcome our newest member to our chapter, Eliza Edra of Oahu Metal and Glazing.  We all look forward to meeting you at one of our upcoming events.

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