CFMA VOS asks Gov. Brewer for delay in tax changes

10-03-2014 14:22

Recently CFMA VOS partnered with other concerned Construction Industry trade associations, including, the ABA, AGC, ASA, Roofing Contractors of America, etc. to solicit support from its members to request Gov. Brewer to call a special session to delay implementation of HB 2389, TPT tax simplification. Unfortunately these efforts fell on deaf ears, as our request was dead on arrival. The construction industry fully supported CFMA’s initiative with over 550 construction professionals representing nearly 350 companies signing the joint association letter. The letter simply requested a six month delay in implementation of the law. The industry was seeking to ensure that the law would be enacted in a thoughtful manner allowing for the highest level of compliance. The initial timeline of Jan. 1 2015 was established in June 2013 with the passing of HB 2111, however, new legislation in HB 2389, passed in April 2014, altered the original law without changing the implementation date. Those of us in the construction industry know that if a project incurs a major change order without changing the scheduled completion date, you are setting yourself up for failure. Unfortunately the Gov. office isn’t interested in a special session, with the current election period underway, and wants to deal with issues next year when state legislature reconvenes in regular session, after the new laws are already in effect. Unfortunately the current FAQ and guidance provided by ADOR is contradictory. CFMA VOS is attempting to work with ADOR to provide better guidance for our members. I appreciate all member support of our initiative, CFMA VOS was able to provide over 60% of the signatures for the joint association letter, thank you for your support.

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