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  • 1.  2013 Financial Survey

    Posted 05-29-2013 16:24

    2013 Financial Survey

    We have the data details of this industry.  National has given incentives to doing the 2013 Financial Survey.   

    As you know, they have begun the data collection effort for our 2013 Financial Survey and opened the Online Questionnaire at www.financialbenchmarker.com (click here for more info).

    There are two incentive programs around this data collection effort!

    Both incentive programs are based on chapter size and number of chapter members who contribute their company data to the Financial Survey Online Questionnaire. We've categorized Chapters by size as follows:

                Up to 40 members

                41-55 members

                56-90 members

                More than 91 members

    The first incentive program rewards ALL CHAPTERS! Simply ensure our Chapter Members contribute their company data to the Financial Survey Online Questionnaire as follows:

    ore than 91 members = 38 respondents

    and our Chapter collects $250 from HQ!

     I encourage all of us to participate.  I encourage our Associate Members to add their clients' data to the collection effort (for multiple entries, contact Fern Oram for the details!  Here contact information is below)-it doesn't matter how we reach the goal number of respondents. . .but when you do. . .the $250 is ours! 

    The second incentive program adds a "Financial Survey" category to the Chapter Recognition Program-also based on Chapter size and Member participation in the Financial Survey Online Questionnaire.  I will get more information on that later.   

    CFMA and its members take great pride in the Financial Survey results and it's seen as THE industry standard. It is only through increased participant numbers that we can continue to provide the industry with this invaluable resource. You can't deny the data so share your details and collect your rewards!

     Last notes--the Financial Survey Online Questionnaire deadline is JUNE 30!

     Let me know if I can help and THANK YOU!

    Andrea Nicholson, President

    Contact information for Financial Survey.
    Fern A. Oram

    Associate Director, Product Management' CFMA

    Construction Financial Management Association
    Princeton Forrestal Village
    100 Village Blvd.  Suite 200
    Princeton, NJ 08540-5783

     609.452.8000 x273 ' Direct: 609.945.2494 ' F: 609.452.0474 ' www.cfma.org