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3- Way Match

  • 1.  3- Way Match

    Posted 09-17-2019 17:07
    Anyone do 3-way match in a heavy material environment? Would love to pick your brain.  Our division went with 3 way match almost 2 years ago and our larger revenue generating territories are having a bear of a time keeping up with the paperwork / corrections.  I have a few ideas to get in front of it, but wanted to know who has been through this before.

    Thank you


    Joy Bigley
    Director, Business Administration


  • 2.  RE: 3- Way Match

    Posted 09-18-2019 09:36
    ​We decided several years ago to streamline the process. In Vista we have purchasing agents both at the job and in the corporate office (mainly for buyouts) and once electronic approvals are completed for the POs the items are ordered and tracked. When items are received at the job sites they electronically attach receivers to PO lines and post the receipts. Receipts are treated as "pay the related invoice" since the PO has already been approved and the individuals validating and entering the receipts are confirming the goods/services have been received.

    When invoices are received in the corporate office the PO numbers (which are required) are initialized against the POs and the relative lines/receipts pulled in. If any item is not correct (missing freight charge, not fully received against, etc.) then notes are inserted into PM Notes for the job team to address and correct so the invoice can be processed. No other approvals are required if and when an invoice is electronically matched against receipts. If there is a reason not to pay a vendor than the job either does not enter receivers (wrong/bad materials) or they contact AP and provide a reason to place vendor on hold.

    With this electronic 3 way match in place in our ERP system (Vista) we also have a setting checked so that when receivers are entered the cost is automatically posted and we have real time cost. Job sites are required to enter their receipts daily. If an invoice comes in a week later, a month later, or longer if there is any difference it is posted to the same month or another open month if a month is closed.

    Paul West
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    The Middlesex Companies
    Orlando FL
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