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Timekeeping in Vista

  • 1.  Timekeeping in Vista

    Posted 01-13-2020 09:57
    Looking for feedback on how others are processing field time in Vista.  Payroll process for field time entry - are they excel, written timesheets, electronic?

    Once a process is in place, how do you encourage and enforce compliance?

    Looking for feedback.  Thanks!

    Tracy Hawthorne CPA
    Donley's Inc
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  • 2.  RE: Timekeeping in Vista

    Posted 01-13-2020 14:35
    Edited by Kevin Halme 01-14-2020 09:14

    Many contractors using Vista are moving to using the Viewpoint Field Management portal. This allows employees (or supervisors) to enter time through an app or the web directly to Vista. There are a number of options to improve the quality of the data being entered. For example with a custom lookup, only certain Davis Bacon pay classifications are available to be selected on certain phase codes so that an employee can't be entered as a Carpenter on a rebar phase code or vice versa. Depending on your business and/or regulatory requirements these data validations can provide significant value. Production tracking is possible through the Vista portal as well.

    There are many stand alone electronic timekeeping apps. Some are better than others, but it is dependent on your companies needs. Most stand alone apps have limited ability for custom data validation like you can create in the Viewpoint portal. Most stand alone apps can create text files that can be imported into Vista time, but some will require you to maintain a separate database of jobs, employees, etc. which can be painful. I would only recommend a stand-alone app if it provides significant value in another area, such as scheduling, etc.

    You can also review this thread from 2018 on a similar topic.


    Kevin Halme CCIFP
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  • 3.  RE: Timekeeping in Vista

    Posted 01-14-2020 07:33
    Hi Tracy,
    We found that the tech you choose depends on whether you are a GC or self-perform/subcontractor AND if you have a company wide cost code list or job specific control codes/activity codes for the field.

    Example: If you are a self-perform/subcontractor and have a control code/activity code list for the field that rolls up to cost codes, you should use a time card app that has the ability pull the control/activity code list and subsections from the working budget while enabling a 'grid' style of data entry.  This will reduce cost code errors while enabling workers to complete time cards as fast as they do on paper (or faster).

    Picking a generalist app in the above scenario will be a waste of money as workers will have to scroll through a whole list of codes and likely use drop down boxes to enter time...Workers won't use an app like that as it is laborious and you'll get too many coding errors.

    The final thing you should look for is on 'offline' mode so the app still works in areas with poor internet.
    (We strongly recommend a committee with payroll, foremen and supers make the decision)

    I would get a short list together and then use the strategy in this video to help selection:
    (to avoid smokestacking, which is when vendors oversell integrations)

    There are a ton of time card apps out there so you'll have plenty of choices.

    Hope this helps

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