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    Posted 07-22-2019 16:32
    I am curious as to the common usage of personality/psychometric testing of candidates for management positions.  Are you testing? What tests do you use? Hogan?  Have they proven beneficial? Do you have current management employees take the tests also?

    If you have had success with them who do you use to administer them?

    Thank you

    Denise Egan
    CFO, Standard Builders, Inc.

    Denise Egan
    Standard Builders, Inc.
    Newington CT
    (860) 594-7143

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    Posted 07-23-2019 08:04
    Hi Denise,

    We use the DiSC personality test and it has proven to be great for our team. Our 3rd party HR company, who does recruiting for us gives this test to applicants after the interview process has begun and it's looking like we will be interested in hiring them. We use this as a way of understanding how best to communicate with this individual if we were to work with them and to some degree if their personality type fits with the position they will be filling. However, we do not let this test directly influence whether or not we think someone is fit for a position - I think this would be an error. We share the DiSC profile openly with one another and we frequently revisit and discuss. If there seems to be a break in communication between two people it always seems like we can come back to that profile as a reference of why communication broke down between the two individuals and a good way to come to a resolution. Good luck with your search!

    Nicolle Taylor-Sheafor
    Accounting Manager
    Hardman Construction, Inc.
    Ludington MI
    (231) 316-5326

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    Posted 08-13-2019 15:04

    What company do you use for your 3rd party HR Company?


    Marcie Walker
    R Construction
    Reno NV
    (775) 329-8641

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    Posted 07-23-2019 08:05

    We do use the Hogan assessment for a variety of positions within our organization for new hires as well as existing team member development.
    We did previously use the Myers and Strength finder tests but have since found the Hogan to be more useful for team.

    Warren Mattix
    Able Roof
    Columbus OH
    (614) 557-9705

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    Posted 07-23-2019 08:31

    At Jedson Engineering we used Culture Index.  Outstanding results and insights into your team and team building.
    CFMA had another, similar group/test it worked with.  I cannot remember the name.  Very similar to Culture Index IMHO.
    I Googled the Culture Index address and phone number.  Best of luck!
    Address: 10200 State Line Rd, Leawood, KS 66206

    Joseph Harper CPA, CCIFP
    Greater Dayton Construction Group
    Beavercreek OH
    (740) 607-1449

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    Posted 07-23-2019 08:38
    We do not use any such testing at Eldeco, nor did my previous employer, Woda Cooper Companies use them.  The prevailing thought was if you only hired individuals that fit into the square peg then you would never have someone that was able to think outside the box.

    Susan Milner
    Corporate Controller
    Eldeco Inc.
    Greenville SC
    (864) 312-9896

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    Posted 07-23-2019 09:52
    Culture Index goes about the hiring process a little different than defining a peg, then finding it.
    They coach managers to look at the team, and perhaps hire and maintain some diversity in the group.
    In the accounting group I was in, most of us had the personality types classified as "Craftsman".
    (That is a very common type for accounting minded people.)
    I would intentionally look outside of that personality type to round out the group.
    The group map, so all the types together, enables the group to better recognize how to effectively interact with their colleagues and peers.

    Additionally, Culture Index coached managers use the personality traits for the job as a guideline - not a template.
    Each of us prefer a way of acting and interacting.  We all adapt in the work environment.
    That adaptation is a great topic for for the face-to-face interview.

    I am not advocating for a brand of personality testing.
    I only know that the turnover rate decreased, and the group effectiveness increased by using this tool.

    Joseph Harper CPA, CCIFP
    Greater Dayton Construction Group
    Beavercreek OH
    (740) 607-1449

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    Posted 07-24-2019 10:48



    We use Taking Flight, which is DISC based.  There are several benefits of understanding the personalities in your company.  We use our training so staff can communicate more effectively.  It is not a round hole or square peg; think Legos, how do we get individual pieces to work better as a system.


    Also, some positions in a company lend better to personality traits than others.  I think it is key to have a mix of personalities in your organization.  The assessments help make that happen.




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    Posted 07-23-2019 15:39
    Denise  -  We have used several different personality profile programs in the past & they all started with a lot of fan fare but then quickly faded to be more of just a novelty that we really never fully utilized.

    Just recently we engaged OAD (Organization Analysis and Design  so I was very skeptical at first, based upon prior experiences, but this program was much different in that it looked at both their your natural personality/traits and your perceived job ones.   This has actually helped us identify several people who were a mismatch in their position & allowed for us to make modifications in their work to get a better/happier employee.

    In addition, where the other programs really just told us our personality & left it at that, we have embedded their OAD profiles into our coaching process & have initially included it in our soft skills training (Delegation, communication, etc.).   Paul Chadwick ((262) 369-0987) from OAD was a tremendous help guiding/training us in the program & would be more than willing to review with you.

    Please feel free to get me a call or send me a text/email if you would like to discuss further.


    Todd Rakowski
    C.G. Schmidt, Inc.
    Milwaukee WI
    (414) 828-8375

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    Posted 07-25-2019 10:21
    I'm a fan of the DISC profile. I've worked at two organizations that use it, and I've found its a very useful tool for understanding yourself and your coworkers. Sharing results opening with the team is essential to making that work. In both orgs, the test was taken after being hired.

    Juli Riles CCIFP, CMA, SPHR
    Unger Construction Co
    Sacramento CA
    (916) 698-5298

  • 11.  RE: Personality Tests

    Posted 08-14-2019 09:28
    Personality Tests & Communication - Here at CFMA HQ we have used the Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) which has been very interesting for self-awareness and better understanding of others' styles.  The colors: Red, Blue, Green & "rainbow"/Hub help identify our strengths which can be perceived as weaknesses by others.  For example, helpfulness can be seen as micro-managing; open to change can be seen as wishy-washy.  In addition to awareness the inventory tool provides guidance on how to more effectively deal with other "colors", understanding where they are coming from as well as adjusting our approach. A unique factor of the SDI is it helps to identify our normal mode and how we change under pressure or in conflict.  If you would like more information about the SDI experience feel free to call me directly: 609-945-2435.

    Elizabeth Lachowicz
    Director, Education
    Princeton NJ
    (609) 452-8000