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    Posted 10-17-2019 13:17
    Edited by David Brennan 10-17-2019 14:04
    By any chance does anyone process their own payroll? We currently use Optimum Solutions, but they recently were bought out. Eventually, we will have to move to new software and we are going to start evaluating different options in the next few months.

    David Brennan
    Wayne Automatic Fire Sprinklers, Inc.
    Ocoee FL
    (407) 877-5532

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    Posted 10-18-2019 08:00

    We use Foundation for our main ERP and their payroll processing division payroll4construction. We do everything just like we used to when we processed payroll in-house, with time card entry, etc.  Then when we're ready, we just click a button and it transmits everything to them and they transmit the direct deposits or cut checks, and do everything a 3rd party payroll processor does (taxes, etc.).  It's been fantastic.  They also have a module that will do electronic pay stubs for the employees to view.



    Robert McManus

    Chief Financial Officer

    Direct: 404.965.9349 

    Main: 404.361.5154 | Fax: 404.965.9355

    PO Box 45717 | Atlanta, GA 30320






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    Posted 10-18-2019 08:13
    Our company uses Foundations for all of our accounting functions, including payroll.  We have only 30 employees on our payroll and are non-union.  So our payroll is pretty straight forward allowing me to do all of ours in house.

    Jeff Stuber
    Staff Accountant
    Associated Fire Services
    Knoxville TN
    (865) 588-9240

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    Posted 10-18-2019 09:16
    We use Foundation software and have anywhere between 90-150 employees, all non-union, but some prevailing wage and multi-state. Foundation support is pretty helpful in getting things set up and when we encounter questions or complications. Their Foundation mobile feature allows your field employees to enter time from phones or tablets and will sync with the payroll processing so that the time for hourly employees don't have to be manually entered. Good luck with whatever you choose.

    Ryan Mastrianni CPA
    Cornerstone Coatings
    Edgewater CO
    (720) 904-8744

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    Posted 10-18-2019 09:27

    David, we are a small mechanical contractor and we process our payroll in house using Sage 100 Contractor.  It works well for us.  I feel confident the software is sufficient to handle our growth of 100 employees.  Sage also has a software for larger companies – Sage 300.  It was Timberline in the past.



    Carolyn Brister, CBA


    Momentum Mechanical, Inc.

    2504 Gravel Dr.,  Fort Worth, TX  76118

    817-624-0024 Office     817-846-6476 Cell


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    Posted 10-18-2019 11:51

    It would depend on what accounting system you are on.  We do Payroll in-house using Vista by Viewpoint.  We had been entering time ourselves, but now we are implementing Keystyle for timecard entry.  I recommend getting an implementation expert for Viewpoint because it is very complicated and has to be done in a particular way and in order.


    DeAnn Hollingsworth

    Corporate Controller


    p. 760.631.7707  |  f. 760.631.8013  c. 619-929-5799  d. 760-477-8619

    3194 Lionshead Avenue Carlsbad, CA 92010


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  • 7.  RE: In-House Payroll

    Posted 10-18-2019 12:01
    Thanks for the suggestions!

    I will definitely look more into these. I should add that we currently use Solutions 360 as our ERP system. We had to have some custom code created so Optimum Solutions and 360 would work together. We process weekly payroll for 600+ employees. Also we have several employees who work in multiple states.

    David Brennan
    Accounting Manager
    Wayne Automatic Fire Sprinklers, Inc.
    Ocoee FL
    (407) 877-5532

  • 8.  RE: In-House Payroll

    Posted 10-19-2019 14:05
    Hi David,

    With an existing ERP solution where you need an interface to a payroll service I would recommend you look at Contractor Central from IDI.  They have a middleware piece of software that connects solutions to payroll services like ADP, Paychex and Ultimate.  It also provides construction oriented reporting that are difficult to get from a payroll service.  Ask for Kit Dickinson at 734-669-4813.

    Good Luck

    Glen West
    Alliance Solutions Group
    888-559-9540 xt 2005

    Glen West
    Alliance Solutions Group
    Manhattan Beach CA
    (888) 559-9540