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FHWA-1391 EEO Report

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    Posted 09-12-2018 17:25
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    This question is for Viewpoint – Spectrum users:


    How are you creating the FHWA-1391 EEO Report from Spectrum?  The job categories from the FHWA-1391 do not match the EEO Report Job Categories in Spectrum.  Viewpoint is saying this should be a custom report that will have to be paid for outside of the software because it is not a necessary report.  If you are a federal highway contractor performing work on federally funded projects, it is a very necessary report.  Let's just go ahead and's a requirement under the federal law by the U. S. Dept. of Labor.  I have copied the link to the form below and attached the .xls of the required report.




    Any help out there on this would be great.




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    Posted 09-13-2018 15:57
    The problem with providing standardized forms with trade classifications is that any given user of the software has different configuration and coding to identify these classes.  We have quite a few Spectrum clients and have created similar forms for various agency reporting requirements.  Feel free to contact me if you'd like to discuss your specific situation.

    Martha Reeves
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    Posted 09-13-2018 16:21
    We setup the EEO Classifications under Payroll Maintenance and assign each employee to a particular classification. We can then run an Employment Utilization Detail Report for the applicable reporting period . This report gives you all the relevant information required to complete the FHWA-1391. I export this report as an Excel file with "data only" then do a quick pivot table to get all the employee counts to complete the FHWA-1391. Takes about 2 minutes to generate the export file and create the pivot table.
    Hope this helps.

    Tom Lowrey CPA C F O
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