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RFI's and submittals

  • 1.  RFI's and submittals

    Posted 02-26-2020 14:33

    We're in the process of revamping how we handle the documenting and sharing of RFI's (especially answers to RFI's), submittals, and probably some other things.  Do any of you have a system or tool that you have found particularly useful in easing this process and making information flow more readily between all parties involved (GC, project manager, foremen, supes, etc.)?  Thanks in advance.

    Joel Freeman
    Project Administration Supervisor
    Capstone Mechanical, LP
    Waco TX
    (254) 399-8090

  • 2.  RE: RFI's and submittals

    Posted 02-27-2020 09:01
    ​Viewpoint Construction Software has expanded their offerings to include field based options on their "Teams" platform that allows interchange of information, including RFIs, between 3rd parties on tablets, phones, etc. Their "Viewpoint One" offerings put the power of applications and processes in the hands of all employees and related 3rd parties. These new tools have been a game changer for our organization.

    Paul West
    Director of Enterprise Applications
    The Middlesex Companies
    Orlando FL
    (407) 206-0077

  • 3.  RE: RFI's and submittals

    Posted 02-28-2020 11:20
    We utilize ProCore to share among teams and Datto Workplace for communication with us (GC) and the field employees.  ProCore is very expensive and not as easy for field to utilize.  Datto Workplace is excellent as you view documents off of an app, PC, etc and can set permissions for specific files.

    Kimberly (Beeler) Peterson
    Chief Financial Officer
    Beeler Construction, Inc.
    Menomonee Falls WI
    (262) 252-7000