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nvoicepay and Viewpoint

  • 1.  nvoicepay and Viewpoint

    Posted 09-11-2019 15:08
    Hi there,

    I am hoping that I can get some information from members that use the nvoicepay service with Viewpoint.

    We are a specialty subcontractor with about 3 million annually in AP between suppliers and subcontractors.  For our size I just don't know if it is worth the expense or if you find that subs and suppliers don't accept their form of payment.

    Any information is appreciated
    Thank you,

    Brittany Johnson
    Accounting Manager
    LEI Companies
    Golden CO
    (303) 865-5236

  • 2.  RE: nvoicepay and Viewpoint

    Posted 10-08-2019 20:15
    ​We are looking at Nvoicepay right now.  They offer all types of payments: checks, ACH, cr card therefore all your vendors would be paid.  I contacted several references and all of them love Nvoicepay.  Due to monthly cash back from cr card transactions, their service is free or luckily you will even financially benefit.

    Svetlana Yepanechnikova
    VP Of Finance
    Syserco, Inc
    Fremont CA
    (510) 498-1429