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    Posted 10-16-2020 12:29
    ​​We have a fleet of approximately 200 vehicles (primarily pickup trucks) and are considering outsourcing the management of the fleet to a fleet management company.  This would include acquisition, maintenance and disposal of vehicles.  I am familiar with Enterprise but was wondering if there are any other vendors that CFMA members might have used and could recommend.  Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

    Mike Testani
    Chief Financial Officer
    Weeks Marine, Inc.
    Cranford NJ
    (908) 272-4010

  • 2.  RE: Fleet management companies

    Posted 10-17-2020 09:57
    We have had good experience with Merchants Fleet Management (  I have found them to be more responsive and flexible than Enterprise, with competitive pricing and good service.  Enterprise is bigger, of course.  However, I experienced a lot of turnover of account management and customer service reps at Enterprise.  That may be something that is unique to this region.

    Tom Kline CPA
    Critical Project Services, LLC
    & Affiliated Companies
    Dallas, TX
    United States
    (678) 983-8912

  • 3.  RE: Fleet management companies

    Posted 10-18-2020 13:18
    I recommend Merchants Fleet Management.  They are the best we have worked with.

    Lawrence Horning
    Pieper Electric Inc.
    New Berlin WI
    (262) 879-8218