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    Posted 01-10-2020 17:48
    First let me extend my appreciate to so many of you who have been very active in helping with my research this year.  I've been learning a lot about economic strategies and look forward to sharing that with the association in June.

    This semester in my Construction Finance course I'm having the students create the financial portion of a business plan as part of their group project.  This will include an introduction to the business structure and a discussion on the risks associated with their chosen structure and their risk mitigation plan.  It will include their company's three-year financials and their financial ratio calculations and analysis.  And of course a discussion on their character, capacity, and capital structure.

    Does anyone have any good suggestions for this academic exercise, and possibly good examples of business plans?

    P.S. (for those RUSH fans) fair well Neil Peart, and thanks for the decades of great music!

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