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Contacting employees

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    Posted 09-12-2018 11:00
    We are searching for the most efficient and effective way to communicate with our field employees.  Would you mind sharing if you are emailing or using other means of communication?  We have 150-200 employees and just need a way to effectively communicate meeting notices, etc.  Please, no phone solicitations.

    Thank you,

    Vickie Tischendorf, CPA, CFO
    Martel Construction, Inc.
    Bozeman, MT 59715

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    Posted 09-12-2018 11:41
    I would be interested in what you find on this issue.  At my previous company we went as far as providing each employee a company issued email address this made it easy  from the office to send out information from the field, but we had no confidence that the field was reading these emails because unless they were a field foreman the only email they would often receive on this was their pay stub and it was amazing how infrequent they would check this.  When the company moved to office 365 and started to have to pay $2/mo for an email address that people never check it became a little more frustrating and felt like a waste of money.

    Good luck.  I would be interested to know what you find.

    Brett Taft BS,MBA
    JT Electric
    Salt Lake City UT
    (385) 249-5555

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    Posted 09-13-2018 07:14
    ​We are a multi state contractor so communication has alwasy been a struggle.  At time of hire, and at most large company functions, we do our best to collect personal email addresses and add those to our companywide email communications group for this purpose.  Some Associates receive two emails because they have a personal and business email, but we feel it is better to reach twice than not at all.  We probably have 98% of our staff (250+) captured this way.  We find that field associates read their personal emails alot more often than business emails.

    Good luck!

    Lyn Karalexis
    Professional Electrical Contractors of CT Inc.
    Norwood MA
    (781) 440-2932

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    Posted 09-13-2018 08:28
    ​We just implemented text messaging to all our employees and so far we have received great feedback.  You might want to use both email and text messaging.  We send out reminders via the texts and also "check your email" messages as well.  We also send out safety texts and have the crews reply with pictures and we use these pictures for our year end holiday party or our summer picnic.

    Lisa Jilek
    Levy Company
    Selma TX
    (210) 497-4500

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    Posted 09-14-2018 09:25
    Hello!  We use eForms Mobile.  We do all of our paperwork using this app- nothing is on paper.  We also have the ability to send messages out to all employees.  We have different "apps" for each type of message within eForms (scheduling, office shut down, inclement weather, etc) and another for free text that I can type it.  They're all automated so users can't respond to the group message but can reach out separately if they have issues.  My employees HATE group texts.  Some guys respond at 10pm and some at 4:30am and it drives everyone nuts so this has fixed our problem!!

    Rhiannon Thompson
    Chief Operating Officer
    Davidson Excavating
    Russiaville IN
    (765) 437-9589