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    Does anyone currently accrue for Equipment Reserves?  We, an Environmental Construction Company use the Equipment Control Module in Viewpoint Spectrum to accrue reserves for Preventative Maintenance Parts & Labor, Tires, R&M Parts, R&M Labor, R&M Undercarriage Parts & Labor.  Each piece of equipment has an ownership rate, the accrual is calculated based on usage.


    Our auditor's do not like us have an accrual at year end so we zero out the accrual in December.  The purpose is to have a reserve setup so when a major repair is needed, we can offset the accrual.  In the event we have a major repair in January, we have no accrual setup to offset any expense coming in due to removing it for year end.  Obviously the Reserve has to be managed; when equipment is disposed or retired the reserve has to be removed and the size of the reserve has to be reasonable.


    I'm interested to hear how other companies are handling reserves or if they use reserves?  Thank you.


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