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    Posted 09-06-2019 11:07
    We are GC looking for an AP automation system that integrates with ProContractor.  I have one full-time employee that handles AP functions that includes AP invoice entry (on average 300/month which are mostly sub pay apps), an average of 250 credit card charges for 20 employee cards, mailing out check payments and lien management for about 12-15 active projects.  We are at a point where we are unsure if the cost to automate would be a better option than having to hire another employee, either full-time or part-time.

    Depending on cost, functionality, ease of use in office and for the vendors & field employees, we may be considering a software that can provide solutions for AP invoicing & payments (with rebates offered), credit cards, and lien management (not sure if one provider has solutions for all 4, but it's worth a shot) or at the very least automate one of the processes to relieve some of the workload.

    Some that have been suggested are:
    -SAP Concur (is not ideal for pay apps)
    -GC Pay
    -ProCore (costly)

    Looking for recommendations!  Thank you in advance for any insight you can provide that will help us in making this decision.

    Krystal Sund, CCIFP
    Perry Reid Construction
    Lincoln, NE
    (402) 488-1666 ext 142

  • 2.  RE: AP Automation

    Posted 09-07-2019 11:33
    Hi @Krystal Sund - Certainly understand the pains here. Here are some opinions and resources that may be helpful to you. I'll be careful not to be sales-y here, because I am the CEO of a company that helps contractors with this very problem (Levelset). Instead, I want to provide you with good resources.

    1) Here is a review of the best players/tools available
    I wrote a blog post a few months ago reviewing the best construction lien waiver software & tools out there: The 5 Best Lien Waiver Tools: Reviews & Guide.  This is a review of:
    • Builder Trend
    • Oracle Textura
    • GL (Greenlight) Compliance Solutions
    • GCPay
    • Levelset 
    You may also want to look at this other thread on Construction Café about lien waiver/lien release management software.  This thread is heavily around lien waiver and lien rights management, but that is one component of what you're looking for, so you may find it helpful regarding this.

    Candidly, I don't think that anything has native integrations with ProContractor right now because of the API limitations of that technology. However, most people using ProContractor can usually set up some custom csv or data share with most of these tools and make your life a lot easier.

    2) Give Levelset A Shot For Free
    You can request & send lien waivers and pay applications for free on Levelset.  The free version is only useful for one at a time requests and tracking, but at least lets you play around with it.  Give it a shot.
    - Send or Request Lien Waivers
    - Send or Request Pay Apps

    3) Of the suggestions you have
    Of the following tools that have been suggested:
    • Comdata
    • SAP Concur (is not ideal for pay apps)
    • AvidXchange
    • GC Pay
    • ProCore (costly)

    My recommendation among these would be Procore. Most of the others are really elementary in what they can offer you in this area.  However, even Procore will require you to use an integration for lien waivers (i.e. Levelset or, and I don't think it will be as smooth as you could get elsewhere. 

    If I were in your shoes I would think about how to save time with requesting, collecting, and coding pay applications, and tracking lien waivers.  I wouldn't try to solve for the credit card charges AP stuff along with the subcontractor management AP stuff, as they are in two different technology universes currently.

    Good luck!  And reach out if I can be of help -

    Scott Wolfe J.D., Loyola College of Law
    CEO & Founder
    New Orleans LA
    (866) 720-5436