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Certified payroll report

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    Posted 6 days ago
    I have never had this come up before, how do you report the use of Independent contractors and sole proprietors time on a certified payroll report? One of our employees took on a side job and is asking me for help.

    Thank you for your help,

    John Spada 

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    Posted 5 days ago
    Our subcontractors/independent contractors submit a certified payroll report to us as the Prime Contractor and we then submit to the owner along with our certified payroll report.

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    Posted 5 days ago
    This is what our payroll person said:

    In the Work Classification box they need to list the work class they performed as well as the words "bona-fide owner".  Then list hours in box 4.  No wages or deductions required for boxes 5-8.  In the remarks section of SOC state "Owner taxes paid quarterly" (or I suppose annually if this is a one-time gig, though I've not come across that myself).

    Also submit a W-9 with the certified payroll to the prime.  It doesn't get turned in with the payroll, but it makes sense to request it (sort of "proves" they were working as a company/contractor and not as an employee)

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    Posted 5 days ago

    Any time I've had any such people working on a project, they had to provide their own certified PR reports. It may sound simplistic, but when they are working under a separate EIN or SS number, that is what I required.

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    Posted 5 days ago

    I believe they are treated as a subcontractor and must prepare their own certified payroll reports.



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    Posted 5 days ago

    Hi John,

    Normally, the GC will require that the independent contractor report themselves separately on certified payroll. If the certified payroll is electronic, then that person will need to be set up as a user, which normally the GC is in control of.  If certified payroll is not electronic, then the person will have to fill out a WH-347, sign and send in. 



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