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On-Boarding and Off-Boarding Union Employees

  • 1.  On-Boarding and Off-Boarding Union Employees

    Posted 14 days ago
    As one fairly new to Construction Finance, this resource has been incredibly valuable, so thanks in advance!

    We are a small union drywall subcontractor in the Bay Area of San Francisco and use Foundation and P4C for our accounting/payroll. One of the challenges we are running into as we ramp back up is the need to quickly on-board (tax docs, bank info, eVerify) and off-board (final check) union employees. Right now it's a series of texts, emails, etc. I was wondering if anyone else has run into this and what tools or tricks you may have to make this more efficient. Our current state will not scale very well.

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    Alan Federman
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  • 2.  RE: On-Boarding and Off-Boarding Union Employees

    Posted 13 days ago
    Can't say we do it really well, but we do have the same problem.  we are union roofing company.  We have an packet they fill out in person, then our superintendent has me quickly check for all the signatures and items needed before he sends the guy out to do his drug tests, etc.  If we need them to work right away they sign that it's dependent on the drug/physical/background tests coming back acceptable.  Our drug and physical tests are same day results, background is 2-3 and can be a hang up.  Because I see the new packets, that means I also know we have someone(s) starting, so I can do all the back end set up as well.  Previously we had issues with guys starting, not doing all the paperwork and I don't know anything about it until they want a paycheck. It takes some extra time from the superintendent or our safety guy to supervise filling out packets, but we've all found it makes everything else smoother. It works even when we hire a whole crew at a time.

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