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LevelSet Lien Release Management Software

  • 1.  LevelSet Lien Release Management Software

    Posted 08-12-2019 15:41

    Does anyone have experience using this product or any other lien/release management software or service? We would appreciate any feedback we could get. I think they used to be known as Zlien. Thanks, 


    Matt Van Fossen CCIFP
    Vice President
    Rosendin Electric Inc.
    San Jose CA
    (408) 321-2280

  • 2.  RE: LevelSet Lien Release Management Software

    Posted 08-13-2019 07:20
    Hi Matt,

    Our specialty contracting division has been using Levelset (formerly Zlien) for about 6 months. They offer a suite of services. We use them exclusively for filing NTOs and tracking our various action dates. Our experience has been positive. We now notice every job and our AR collection times have dramatically improved. The service makes it very easy to send NTOs, NOIs and eventually file the lien if necessary. Document are filed electronically and by mail.  In the event we file a NOI or lien, the response from the client or contractor is immediate. Hope this helps!

    Kimberly Ortegon, MBA

    Chief Financial Officer

    Wall Systems Contractors

    PBS Contractors

  • 3.  RE: LevelSet Lien Release Management Software

    Posted 08-13-2019 10:32

    We have used LevelSet (formally Zlien) for about a year and they are a good value in our opinion. It is an easy to use system and it tracks the process for you so that you don't miss a deadline.


    Adam Henning CPA
    LCR Contractors, LLC
    Mesquite TX
    (214) 761-1940

  • 4.  RE: LevelSet Lien Release Management Software

    Posted 08-13-2019 12:46
    Matt- We've been using Levelset for about 6 months now with very positive experiences.  I appreciate the training opportunities they offer on individual states lien laws as we are in about 12 states now.  Their customer service rep contracts our AR people about once a month to make sure every thing is going smoothly.  I'd say the service is well worth the cost - which is very reasonable.

    David Guild MBA, CCIFP
    Rogers Mechanical Contractors, Inc.
    Villa Rica GA
    (770) 456-6204