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    Posted 11-06-2019 14:09

    Im curious if every is paying the national rates for meals ($55) and housing ($94) or if you pay a different rate?  Would you mind sharing the rate and if any other considerations are given?

    We are a MN GC working nationwide.


    Thanks in advance!

    Rachel Coleman

    Finance Manager

    TerWisscha Construction Inc.

    Willmar, MN 56201


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    Posted 11-07-2019 08:15
    Our company currently pays $25 for meals when we have a crew staying out of town.  The company pays the employees lodging, and if they have any incidentals that are directly tied to a job they can be reimbursed by submitting the receipt. Our crews all drive company owned vehicles and are supplied with a company fuel card.

    Jeff Stuber
    Staff Accountant
    Associated Fire Services
    Knoxville TN
    (865) 588-9240

  • 3.  RE: Per Diem

    Posted 11-08-2019 08:44
    We have always paid per diem through AP. We are going to start paying through payroll. Is this completely non-taxable to the employee? Do you post pay or pre pay (before or after they are out of town)? Any insight to your process would be helpful. Thank you!

    Stacy Webre
    Vice President of Accounting
    Lochridge-Priest, Inc.
    Waco TX
    (254) 772-0670

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    Posted 11-09-2019 10:10

    We do it through payroll as a tax exempt add.  I don't see any problems with that from a tax standpoint as long as you can prove the out of town travel, which is easy with time card history charged to the out of town job, and you don't exceed IRS limits, which are pretty high.



    Robert McManus

    Chief Financial Officer

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    PO Box 45717 | Atlanta, GA 30320






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    Posted 11-10-2019 09:32
    Also we pay per diems post, on paychecks immediately after the week of travel 

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    Posted 11-12-2019 10:15
    I just wanted to add to the tax aspect of this topic.  The per diem is a nontaxable item if added to the employees paycheck as long as it does not exceed the rates posted for the time period of the trip.  The 2019-2020 rate is $60 for meals unless it is a high cost area which is $71 for meals.  Any amount paid to them over those amounts would either need to be included as taxable income, or you would need to collect receipts from the employee to make it an accountable reimbursement.

    Dennis J. Shindle, Jr. CPA, CCIFP
    Rotz & Stonesifer, P.C.
    Chambersburg PA
    (717) 264-5961

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    Posted 11-13-2019 17:24
    We pay after, and this is non-taxable.  We currently pay with their paycheck but are changing it to A/P to keep the P/R cleaner.

    Rachel Coleman
    Finance Manager
    Terwisscha Construction Inc.
    Willmar MN
    (320) 234-1664

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    Posted 11-07-2019 09:05
    Edited by Ryan Mastrianni 11-07-2019 09:06
    Our company pays employees $30 for meals per night stayed out of town and we pay the housing fee directly.

    Ryan Mastrianni CPA
    Cornerstone Coatings
    Commerce City CO
    (720) 904-8744

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    Posted 11-07-2019 09:27
    We follow the GSA rates which differs by zip code.

    Bryan Bednarczyk MBA
    Director of Finance
    Humphrey Rich Construction Group
    Columbia MD
    (301) 330-1650

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    Posted 11-07-2019 16:32
    We also follow the GSA rates which vary by location. Typically we will pay for rooms up front, then deduct that amount from the employees weekly check.

    Jeff Sander BS Construction Management
    West Coast Paving, Inc.
    Reno NV
    (775) 852-3101