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Acumatica Users - Tax questions

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    Posted 11 days ago
    We are a sub-contractor going through our implementation at the moment and after discussions with our implementation team, wanted to reach out to see what other contractors are doing when it comes to handling a couple of different topics, which are unique to construction and they have limited exposure to what we need:

    Firstly is stored materials/bill and hold and the ability to track without having to buy the warehouse module - does anyone do this without using the warehouse module?

    Secondly is taxes.  In our old system, on job set-up, we had a PO Sales Tax Code box where we entered the taxable county based on project location.  This ensured our supplier invoices charged the correct tax and in the system, the tax automatically followed the GL account the invoice was charged to, line by line as an inclusive amount. In Acumatica, the construction module does not yet have that ability.  I have worked with our team to get to a compromise but if anyone is willing to share how they set up their taxes, it would be much appreciated

    Thank you!

    Donna Armstrong
    Financial Controller
    Roehrenbeck Electric Inc
    Columbus, OH 43207
    Office Phone: (614) 443-9709