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Paid Parental Leave

  • 1.  Paid Parental Leave

    Posted 01-09-2020 09:10
    One of the benefits that is keeps being requested is paid parental or paternity leave.
    Our maternity leave is paid by our SDI/LDI policy. We are waiting on quotes for increasing the SDI/LDI from 60 to 75% of salary at renewal.
    We are considering 2 weeks paid and 1 week flex. Mothers who qualify for the SDI would be able to use toward the 2 week waiting period.
    Anyone willing to share there plan and the issues they encountered would be greatly appreciated.

    Catherine Law
    The Miller Group
    Virginia Beach VA
    (757) 452-4584

  • 2.  RE: Paid Parental Leave

    Posted 01-14-2020 13:42

    My previous employer had a 'paid paternity leave' policy.
    - 2 weeks (10 days) of paid paternity leave.
    - the 1st week (5 days) must be used in consecutive days, and
    - the 2nd week (5 days) could be used individually, as needed
    - both weeks (10 days) must be used within the first three (or six) months from the first day taken.

    (I could be off on this point but I believe they provided (at least) 6 weeks company-paid maternity leave (no waiting period), and perhaps SDI/LDI kicked in thereafter if the mother intended to remain out longer)

    For the paternity leave, I will forever be grateful.

    3 weeks is generous, 2 weeks is a solid start that suffices in most cases - although additional 3rd week could especially help in the event of any unforeseen newborn and/or parental hardships that follow moment of birth.

    Hope this helps

    Michael Bittle
    Working Capital Controller
    A&A Machinery Moving, Inc.
    Morrisville PA