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Dispatching software recommendations

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    Posted 12 days ago
    We are looking for a dispatching software solution for a large painting subcontractor. The most important criteria is that it notifies employees with an SMS (text) message what job they are assigned to the next day. We are looking for something that is more "project" based than "employee" based. We would like it to keep track of where each employee is assigned each day and roll that into the next day for revisions. It would be nice if the product were able to pull employee and job information from Spectrum.

    A lot of the packages we have looked at are more designed around individual employees who go out for in-home service work (electricians, plumbers, etc.) and may go to multiple places in one day. That does not work for us because it is employee based. Our people are usually assigned to only one job per day and they probably stay there until the job is over. On any given day we can have between 100 - 150 employees working at 40 - 50 different job sites.

    Please post your suggestions or contact me directly.


    Denica Bucklin
    Long Painting Company
    Kent WA
    (253) 234-8050

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    Posted 9 days ago
    Good Morning Denica
    Have you looked into the  "When I Work"  dispatching program. The program has multiple features that work great and are user friendly.  We are an Engineering firm with 150 employees in 4 different states.  We use this program for all of our technicians.  You can sent messages and notices via text and there is an app they techs can log into and see what has been assigned as well.

    Stormy Wardwell Stormy Wardwell
    Accounting Specialist / Project Accountant
    S.W. Cole Engineering, Inc.
    Hermon ME
    (207) 848-5714