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Change Orders By Trade

  • 1.  Change Orders By Trade

    Posted 09-09-2019 15:00
    We are a small electrical contractor and historically we average around 10% of our contract revenue in change orders every year. We would like to know if other trades have a similar % of their revenue in change order work or if our ratio is unusual. Change orders are constantly an issue and are very time consuming to negotiate. Owners and GCs have a hard time understanding why our costs are what they are.

    Jack Holbrook
    Vp Of Finance
    ELCCO Inc
    Lakewood CO
    (808) 877-7344

  • 2.  RE: Change Orders By Trade

    Posted 09-10-2019 05:59
    Concrete contractor, 10% revenue increase due to change orders on commercial work is not abnormal for us, but your mileage may vary.

    Alex Lee CPA/CITP, CCIFP
    Roy T. Goodwin Contractors, Inc.
    Nashville TN
    (615) 242-5448