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    Posted 10-18-2019 16:31
    Hi All,

    I would like to get some feedback on your company per diem policy. Specifically, when do you pay out per diem? We process payroll every Friday and we are debating on whether to pay our workers their per diem the Friday before the trip, the Friday of the trip or the Friday following the trip.

    Your feedback is appreciated, thanks in advance.

    Ryan Mastrianni CPA
    Cornerstone Coatings
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    Posted 10-20-2019 12:08

    We pay meal per diems with the first paycheck following a week of travel ($30 per day).  Fridays are our weekly pay dates, although most folks see their direct deposits hit on Thursdays.  Lodging for crews is handled by foremen via company credit cards.  We do end up doing advances on rare occasions for crew members heading out of town who are short of money for meals.  The advances are usually for around $100, and get deducted on the very next paycheck for the recipient.



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    Posted 10-21-2019 07:39
    We pay per diems based on the industry.  One company is in the Oil, Gas and Chemical industry and to be competitive we ​pay our employee's per diem twice a week and at a maximum 4 days after they arrive on site.

    The other company is a General Contractor focused on Infrastructure/Transmission Line work and we self perform a lot of the work.  In these industries it is acceptable to pay within the employees normal pay schedule so it would be paid the Friday after they completed their week of work.

    Christopher Harney Accounting/MBA
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    Cianbro Corporation
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    Posted 10-21-2019 12:43

    We pay $45 per per diem and we pay those out every other Friday. Our payroll is bi-monthly, and we issue the per diem checks on the opposite Fridays. We are a $30m general contractor and we don't self-perform any work so our only travelers who receive a per diem are Superintendents.




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