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Marketing Employee Ownership ( shareholders) to employees and external clients

  • 1.  Marketing Employee Ownership ( shareholders) to employees and external clients

    Posted 11-18-2019 15:56
    Looking for a best practice or a successful communication plan on the following. How have other companies that have offered shares/share purchases to key employees as part of a succession plan, marketed this internally to all employees, as well as externally to clients?

    Some background here is;  The company was founded by 4 partners in 2002 . In 2015 it was converted from a LLC to a S corp as part of the succession planning. In 2016 our company offered the first round of S corp shares to be purchased by key employees. The first group did not want this to be known to employees or clients thinking there would be a loss of trust and a potential change in the culture. It was such a small group at that time it was agreed to not make an announcement. Fast forward 3 years and there are an additional 16 employee owners. At this point we realize this is a positive change and should be celebrated/marketed externally as well as internally to let people know there is a succession plan, as well as show the additional level of leadership/ownership and accountability within the company. The 4 founders are currently taking on different rolls/responsibilities as part of the succession plan and eventual exit strategy.  Due to the changes in rolls and growth of the company,  is important to show their is a continuity plan.

    Any advice would be helpful on what worked for you what didn't. I understand the benefits of a successful communication plan surrounding this because a lot of clients and employees look at the 4 founders as the decision makers and that is no longer the case 100% of the time.


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