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  • 1.  ComputerEase

    Posted 08-17-2019 13:25

    I am the President of NEXTSYSTEMS in Austin, TX.  We are a ComputerEase Dealer that has 600 Customers using CE.  Thanks for the invite to the group.

    Bill Hall

    Bill Hall
    Dripping Springs TX

  • 2.  RE: ComputerEase

    Posted 08-18-2019 09:49
    We are a general contractor, we have been using Computerease for 8 years now.  We recently started using Procore for our project management and Computerease for our accounting.
    i would love to be included in the group discussions.
    Over the years we have created a number of work
    arounds and it would be interesting to evaluate wether the work arounds are really necessary.
    Thanks so much group!!

    Tina Dodson
    Finance Director
    Centric Construction Group LLC
    Kansas City MO

  • 3.  RE: ComputerEase

    Posted 08-19-2019 07:53
    Tina we are a general contractor that uses Computer Ease and Procore as well.  I would like to join the group you are referring to.  One of our objectives this year is better integration and would like to have a group to talk to about what each is doing to make things work.

    Todd Miller
    Lakewood Construction, Inc.
    Holland MI
    (616) 392-6323

  • 4.  RE: ComputerEase

    Posted 08-19-2019 09:58
    We are also a GC that uses Computer Ease and Procore.

    William Thomas CPA, CCIFP
    Vp Of Finance
    White Construction Group
    Centennial CO
    (303) 688-6924

  • 5.  RE: ComputerEase

    Posted 08-20-2019 07:37
    I would also like to be included in the group.  Thanks.

    Yvette Aubin CCIFP, CPA, CMA, CGMA
    Ebsary Foundation Company
    Miami FL
    (305) 325-0530

  • 6.  RE: ComputerEase

    Posted 08-20-2019 09:05
    We're a design-builder that has been using ComputerEase for 20 years and Procore for one year. We were/are disappointed in the limited integration. Please add me to the group as well. We'd love to know if anyone is successfully doing anything more than pushing over a GL listing for building budgets. Too much duplication at the current integration level.

    Robert Heinz
    EVP Corporate Services
    H&H Design-Build
    New Albany IN
    (812) 206-6178

  • 7.  RE: ComputerEase

    Posted 08-20-2019 10:21
    I would also like to join in on this group. We recently purchased Procore as well.

    Michelle Ourso
    Moore Industries
    Baton Rouge LA
    (225) 751-4120

  • 8.  RE: ComputerEase

    Posted 08-20-2019 16:43

    How will the Merger affect the Computerease Customers?

    Terri Hardin CCIFP
    Accounting Manager
    Reytec Construction Resources, Inc.
    Rosenberg TX
    (713) 957-4003