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  • 1.  Paylocity

    Posted 09-06-2018 11:27

    We are looking into using Paylocity for job posting, applicant tracking, onboarding, benefits, and payroll and potentially for their employee review module. Does anyone have experience with Paylocity--in general or more specifically relating to the modules listed above? Would be interested in hearing about your experience and and feedback you might have as we are considering the product.

    Thank you!

    Megan Baker CPA
    Baltimore MD
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  • 2.  RE: Paylocity

    Posted 09-07-2018 09:16
    Hi Megan,
    We have been using  Paylocity for about a year now. We had a rough patch in the beginning getting it to do the job costing we needed, however they are really good at making custom changes and reports to match your accounting package. Our accounting is Spectrum. They built a report for me to upload into Spectrum so I don't have to enter time cards. We have not done the onboarding as of yet but it is in our plans to use. We track all benefits from Paylocity and it does a good job. We do have our employees login and enter their time. It has a great time tracking from their cell phones with gps. Let me know if you have any other questions.

    Shirley Beard
    DEB Construction Inc.
    Anaheim CA
    (714) 632-6680

  • 3.  RE: Paylocity

    Posted 09-09-2018 18:17
    We have been using them for over 4 years now and, honestly, I would not recommend them. They have horrible support and they do not offer as much as other companies. It was the system my company had implemented when I came on board and I didn't want to put people through another transition, but I have been contemplating paying more for ADP.  Paylocity gets the job done for a cheap price. If you budget is your number one concern, then stick with them. However, we just recently implemented the review system and HRIS and it was such a task that they were pretty useless with as far as support goes and overall, I am not that happy with either of the processes.

    I also don't like their reporting systems. We use Sage and the integration (not a true integration, just a manual upload) is pretty abysmal. Maybe they work better with other systems, like the above Spectrum. I just know with Sage, we ended up having duplicate entry for everything.

    Feel free to reach out tome with specific questions and I can elaborate. Maybe it's a good fit for some companies, just not ours.

    Lindsay Helmick
    Allen Construction
    Santa Barbara CA
    (805) 324-5736

  • 4.  RE: Paylocity

    Posted 09-10-2018 10:26

    I concur with Lindsay. We were using ADP and I had no issues. Our parent company switched us to Paylocity and I personally preferred ADP for 3 reasons in particular. The employee portal for Paylocity seems to be much more difficult for our employees to navigate in terms of setting up and also ADP had a much better report writer, most of the same reports we need in Paylocity we've had to pay for customization. Also Paylocity handles our per diem as a negative deduction, This is confusing to employees on their paystubs and if you are using Paylocity for certified payroll  it convolutes the deductions and requires us to reenter the report in excel in order to correct it. ADP certified payroll is a separate system, requires a little more set up but seems to work better.



    Obie Donaldson, CPA  | Accounting Manager  | C and C Power Line, Inc.  


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  • 5.  RE: Paylocity

    Posted 09-11-2018 08:28
    Have you looked at Payroll4Constructio? Their name says it all.

    John J. Corcoran, CPA
    Executive Director
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  • 6.  RE: Paylocity

    Posted 09-10-2018 10:26

    We implemented Paylocity two years ago for payroll and their partner Nexonia for expenses.  We currently use Sage 100 as our ERP system.  I had to build a process to translate their data into a journal entry, but that was expected because (as far as I know) most payroll systems don't directly integrate with construction ERPs.  This year we engaged an HR consulting firm who has implemented the onboarding, applicant tracking, and benefits.  We are about to move off Halogen and move onto Paylocity's performance management system.

    From a user standpoint our employees have enjoyed using Paylocity, especially our field guys who use their phone app to enter their time.  We now have audit trail approvals and better PTO tracking than we used to have in our manual in house method.  The Nexonia integration of corporate CC and personal out of pocket expenses was also a big win for our company.  From that system we can push the data into Paylocity for reimbursement on their paycheck.

    Feel free to give me a call if you'd like to chat about our experience.

    Brad Dalbec BS Accounting
    Builtech Services, LLC
    Schaumburg IL
    (630) 523-0174

  • 7.  RE: Paylocity

    Posted 10 days ago
    Just came across this link and had a questions about your integration between Paylocity and Sage 100.  We currently use both systems and I am manually entering timecards into Sage to post payroll.  What software are you using to integrate Paylocity and Sage?  I am assuming job costing, hours, etc. is all integrated?  Thanks!

    Anthony Lodi
    General Manager
    Haynes Group Inc.
    West Bridgewater MA
    (508) 230-9494

  • 8.  RE: Paylocity

    Posted 09-11-2018 11:17
    Hi Megan,

    Paylocity does seem to have their struggles, especially with support. What are you using from a back-end/accounting package?

    We have a lot of success, and a lot of clients, on ADP or WorkForceGo! from a payroll/HR perspective.

    Both solutions fit in well in the construction industry. ADP tends to have more integrations than WorkForceGo! but WorkForceGo is gaining traction from what we have seen. WorkForceGo! ties in to Sage Intacct and Accumatica. We've seen the Sage Intacct integration be more user friendly, more stable than the Accumatica integration.

    If you are interested, I would be happy to hop on a call for more information & tie you in to our contacts at both organizations.

    Patrick Hitchins
    Senior Consultant
    BKD, LLP
    Cincinnati OH
    (317) 383-4000

  • 9.  RE: Paylocity

    Posted 09-12-2018 13:23
    We just implemented in December and continue to expand our use.  We have had a really good experience, and I'd be glad to have a chat if you want to give me a call...


    Michael Bolt
    ENE Systems
    Canton MA
    (781) 828-6770

  • 10.  RE: Paylocity

    Posted 10-07-2018 19:50
    I was in the middle of a conversion to Paylocity and decided not to proceed with them.  I have used them in a non-construction setting and loved them.  However, beware.  They could not do job costing, Davis Bacon and prevailing wages in their system and so suggested we do the time and attendance piece with one of their "partners" which they fully integrate with.  I agreed and started moving forward with implementation.  Weeks into this they tell me I need to sign an indemnification agreement for the exchange of data between THEIR vendor and Paylocity.  This agreement was so horrendous I would not agree to sign it and fired them when their attorneys would not budge. 1)  They should have brought that to the table in the beginning, not weeks into it. and 2)  They wanted me to indemnify data breaches (and everything under the sun) that occurred from either one of THEIR systems.  Unreasonable and scary.

    Jamie Levendusky CPA
    Precision Upstate LLC
    Scotia NY
    (518) 930-4243