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    Posted 10-21-2021 10:38

    Hello CFMA! 

    We are a diversified electrical contractor in Ohio and we are utilizing more and more subcontractors on our projects.  We have a Subcontracts Manager who is responsible for obtaining quotes from subcontractors during the estimating phase and if awarded, he is to issue the purchase order to the subcontractor.

    How do other contractors handle the internal process of onboarding a new subcontractor and what processes do you have in place when issuing a new purchase order to an existing subcontractor?

    Do you have any steps in your internal process that are mandatory?  Insurance and safety requirements mandatory?  Do you have standard payment terms for subcontractors? 

    I am looking to rewrite our subcontractor workflow/policy by the first of the year and was looking for your insight. 

    Any suggestions or comments from other contractors in CFMA would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,

    Rachel A. Barber
    EVP, Finance

    VEC Inc.

    Rachel Barber
    EVP, Finance
    VEC, Inc.
    Girard OH
    (330) 539-4044