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Economic Downturn Research Study

  • 1.  Economic Downturn Research Study

    Posted 11-13-2019 11:25

    There has been a lot of interest on the subject of economic downturn planning recently.  So, in my role as a researcher at Colorado State University, I thought it would be good to continue that discussion and do a 'lessons learned' study with a panel of experts from the industry.

    I'm reaching out to the CFMA community across the country, to gain some insight on the successful and unsuccessful strategies for managing a construction firm during economic crisis periods.  The study is considered a Delphi-study, which draws on the responses of content experts, like yourselves, and seeks to find consensus with those experts.  

    The eventual outcome is to provide CFMA members and other contractors around the country with informed, expert advice on economic downturn planning strategies.  Your unique perspectives would really help with the study.

    If you're willing and able, please email me at

    John Killingsworth Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor
    Colorado State University
    Fort Collins, CO