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IT Company Recommendation - Austin, TX

  • 1.  IT Company Recommendation - Austin, TX

    Posted 02-20-2019 17:44

    We are looking to switch from our current IT company and I'd like to know if anyone in the Central Texas area has a company they are confident in recommending.  The company we currently use was bought out a few years ago by a large, national company, and since then the level of service we receive has declined significantly.  

    Kaci Roberts
    Braun and Butler Construction, Inc.
    Cedar Park, TX
    (512) 837-2882

  • 2.  RE: IT Company Recommendation - Austin, TX

    Posted 02-21-2019 09:07
    Eric Sanchez
    13915 N Mopac Expy Ste 410
    Austin, Texas 78728

    Jordan Anderson ,CCIFP, CRIS
    Holchemont, LTD
    McAllen TX
    (956) 686-2901

  • 3.  RE: IT Company Recommendation - Austin, TX

    Posted 02-21-2019 09:40

    We use Hill Country Tech Guys (HCTG).  They are located just south of San Marcos on Hunter Road.  We have used them for several years and have been very happy with their service.  We are a heavy highway construction company.  They also service medical companies which is beneficial to security.  HCTG is quick to respond and resolve any issues we have.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

    Robin Clark, Controller
    Dean Word Company, LTD

    Robin Clark
    Dean Word Company Ltd
    New Braunfels TX

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    Posted 02-21-2019 10:46
    I highly recommend PaynePoints, LLC. They are out of Nacogdoches. Phone: 936-615-7454
    PaynePoints remove preview
    Software development expert and technology enthusiast, Michael has built his career by solving problems others don't want to solve. He approaches new information technology challenges with an energetic drive to overcome all obstacles by thinking outside-the-box, and using sharply-honed skills acquired from years of self-education and team leadership experience. With...
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    Mary McCarty MBA
    Business Manager/Controller
    Multicon Services, LLC
    Grapevine TX
    (817) 329-0823

  • 5.  RE: IT Company Recommendation - Austin, TX

    Posted 02-27-2019 09:21
    Winning Technologies is a great group! They have good presence in the construction industry nationwide and would be a good company to speak with.

    Bradley McAdams
    Account Executive Construction Vertical
    Chicago IL
    (312) 848-4767