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  • 1.  Payroll4Construction

    Posted 08-14-2019 08:58
    We use Payroll4Construction (P4C) for payroll processing. We are very happy with their service and would like to keep using them for payroll. However, we have recently stopped using their sister product, Foundation for Construction, as our accounting package in favor of CMiC. I am curious as to how other P4C users  process payroll and job costing information out of P4C and into their (non-integrated) accounting system? We currently download csv files from P4C, do some extensive manipulation, and upload them into CMiC. This is a time consuming process and requires that job numbers and cost codes be be maintained in two systems. We would love to hear from you if you are a P4C user with a non-integrated accounting system.


    Lawrence Ward
    RJB Contracting Inc.
    Spring City PA
    (484) 574-2019