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Issues running pVault and Sage 300 version 18

  • 1.  Issues running pVault and Sage 300 version 18

    Posted 12-12-2018 10:50
    Is anyone else that is using pVault and Sage 300 version 18 ​having issues with pVault? We have experienced slowness in pVault to the point of not being able to route invoices or index documents. We get error messages and consequently get kicked out of pVault. Also, our payroll files in Sage 300 are locked when trying to run payroll. Any help/advice would be appreciated.

    Kimberly Hughes
    Payroll Accounting Manager
    Wharton-Smith, Inc
    Sanford FL
    (407) 321-8410

  • 2.  RE: Issues running pVault and Sage 300 version 18

    Posted 12-13-2018 10:39

    Hello Kimberly!

    When pVault/Sage Paperless Construction client is open, or Application server is running, Sage 300 (v18) table files are being kept open which becomes an issue when certain Sage 300 processes require that no files be in use (specifically Payroll has been reported as an issue).


    Sage has provided a hotfix for their customers to be used in conjunction with modifications provided in pVault Version and Sage Paperless Construction which has been made available to all customers

     NOTE:  The customer has to be running Sage 300 18.2.1 in order to use this hotfix.


    Hotfix details are below (these instructions were provided by Sage).  Please note that this has to be done on every workstation and server which has Sage 300 installed on it and where Paperless is being run.  Any workstation which is left unpatched by not applying the hotfix, or by not updating to the correct version of pVault or Sage Paperless Construction, will continue to cause the files to be locked.  I have performed verification tests here locally and the hotfix in conjunction with our updated version to support their hotfix does in fact appear to resolve the issue. 




    The hotfix will be required on any machine that is going to access data using ODBC to correct the issue. The hotfix changes the connection to the way it was before version 18.2 but requires a connection string change to make that possible.


    Steps for applying the hotfix:

    1. Shut down 300 CRE
    2. Shut down MS Access
    3. Shut down Replicator – if using
    4. Unzip patch
    5. Browse to location where tsSimba.dll was installed – default is C:\Program Files (x86)\Timberline Office\Shared\  - Do this on each machine that will use this process.
    6. Re-name original tsSimba.dll (i.e. tsSimba_orig.dll)
    7. Copy new tsSimba.dll to folder
    8. Re-start Replicator – if using


    The hotfix is available here:


    Tanner Evenrud
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