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Equipment Rental to Third Party in Viewpoint

  • 1.  Equipment Rental to Third Party in Viewpoint

    Posted 13 days ago
    ​​We have the need to rent equipment to a third party.  Has anyone done this successfully in Viewpoint either in the Equipment or Service module?  Thanks!

    Cynthia Wray
    Director of Accounting
    McLean Contracting Company
    Glen Burnie MD
    (443) 597-2741

  • 2.  RE: Equipment Rental to Third Party in Viewpoint

    Posted 12 days ago
    We have a third party equipment rental division that we just started this year. And we are on Viewpoint (Vista). However, when we started the division and did some research on software, we ended up procuring a software designed for equipment rental. The software is called Alert. It appeared to us that Vista was not designed for that purpose, and simply wouldn't work well as a rental software.
    I would be very curious to know if others have been able to make this work within Vista. Running two softwares is obviously not very efficient; we have subledgers in Alert, but are bringing over summarized GL activities to Vista on a daily basis, so that we can still produce a complete balance sheet and income statement.

    Logan Carter CPA
    Kraus-Anderson Construction Company
    Minneapolis MN
    (612) 255-2364