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    Posted 08-09-2019 08:49
    I work for a General Contractor projecting to do about $45M in 2019.  We just started our 3rd year of business, so policies and procedures are still being developed and rolled out.  I was brought on board last October to help develop processes and assist with the software conversion.  At the beginning of the year we converted to Procontractor by Viewpoint to be used primarily for Accounting, Project Management and possibly Estimating.  Prior to the conversion, the company was using ComputerEase for Accounting purposes only.  There were no set processes for just about everything, each PM was doing their own thing in excel or the process wasn't done at all.  Since coming on board, I developed processes based on training received through the conversion process and my experience.

    Since implementation, it has been a struggle to get the PM's on board with the new processes.  They have been asked to implement several new processes in a short amount of time, which I know can be overwhelming, but I was not sure how to slowly transition into the new software without implementing these new processes (see below), all of which I believe are important especially as the number of projects and revenue have more than doubled.  I'm getting questioned as to whether everything I've tried to roll out is necessary or if there is a more efficient way to do these processes.  I trained them the way I learned during the conversion and mind you, no one else took interest during the conversion process to sit in on the training and learn for themselves, nor have they suggested better ways.

    We recently hired a Contract Administrator to help execute subcontracts & purchase orders and obtain all compliance documents, but the PM's have struggled to let her administer this process, even though they were struggling to keep up and collect all signed contracts & compliance info.  They might have sent the contract out, but that is as far as it would go.

    With all that being said, are there any GC's out there utilizing Procontractor that I could bounce ideas off of to make sure we are utilizing the software in the most efficient way?  I'm open to hear from any GC's that might have input on this subject matter.  After going through the process of becoming a CCIFP, attending multiple CFMA conferences, working with peers, and helping a previous subcontractor go from the ground up, I feel like I know what the processes should be in order to succeed and be efficient, but everyone has me doubting myself.

    What does your process look like for the following:

    Change Order Management
    Pay App Preparation (particularly for cost plus contracts) - is this mostly a manual process or can you utilize the system for the majority of the prep
    Job Cost Review
    Lien Waiver Tracking
    Contract Administration for Subcontracts and Purchase Orders
    Using the system to track subcontract and PO balances
    Lien Waiver Tracking
    Vendor Compliance (COI's, W-9's, Contractor Registration)

    Thank you in advance for any feedback you can provide!!!

    Krystal Sund, CCIFP