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    Posted 12-04-2019 07:05

    Good Morning,


    We are looking at moving from our current software (Starbuilder) to either Viewpoint or CMiC.  Does anyone have experience and feedback on the data conversion process and how you like your new program?


    Thank you,




    Mary Ways, Chief Financial Officer

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    Posted 12-04-2019 08:15
    Hi Mary,
    We have partnered with a number of firms to help move them to Viewpoint.  With proper planning and collaboration we have migrated them to the software.  We help them with all the accounting, GL, AP, AR, payroll as well as the project management and job cost.  It depends on your needs and time line.

    Things to consider
    - For accounting are you doing balance forward on the GL accounts?
    - How much history are you looking to bring over?
    - What is the business need to convert to the new software?  Will you be able to improve your processes?  Lower risk / cost?  Used the integrated software?
    - Are you planning on mapping or combining GL accounts?
    - If you're planning on using job cost or project management, are you looking to do phase code mapping?

    This is just a start to the conversation about conversion.  There are a lot more items that would need to be considered for a successful and smooth transition.

    We would be happy to discuss the project with you at any time.  Would you have time to meet this week or next?

    Kind regards,

    Tuong Do
    Director of Development
    Prospection Business Intelligence
    (805) 229-1267

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    Posted 12-05-2019 09:50
    CMiC.  I have used both.  We currently have Vista but I consulted for a company that had CMiC..  It was much easier to learn, Great drill down features.  Intuitive reports and dynamic reports.  Vista I feel is overly complicated.  Too many steps to complete a simple task.  I thought Sage 300 (Timberline) was tough.  History on my usage, 18 years Timberline/Sage 300. 1-1/2 years on Vista and 6 months on CMiC.

    Cynthia Dean
    Nevada General Construction
    Las Vegas NV
    (702) 254-0262

  • 4.  RE: Software Conversions

    Posted 12-06-2019 10:26

    Hi Mary - These tips for software selection and ERP implementation should help your decision, and MORE importantly, your implementation.

    See this article for awesome tips:

    ***While software selection is important, adoption is your biggest risk.  Slowing your decision to dig deep into the plan AND cost of implementation is critical.

    • HERE IS WHY:    Many software vendors only quote generalist level data import and training services which is only a fraction of what subcontractors need for successful go-live. (This can result in a perpetual financial assault of excessive overages)

    I recommend ensuring your contract defines go-live and includes ALL services needed (see below) for a guaranteed max price while deferring software fees until AFTER you are live.  (Software vendors who are confident in their ability to get you live will agree to the terms)


     Pre-Live Services


    1. Collect, import and validate vendor list, customer list and relational data


    1. Collect, import and validate employee list/safety/experience/HR data


    1. Build GL account listing


    1. Open jobs listing and cost code listing for replication in new ERP


    1. Scoping for custom integrations


    1. Prepare Payroll account defaults including Union, DB, CPR, fringe benefits where applicable


    1. Items database development for each branch/company/division of labor - items must include all properties related to bidding, field and purchasing manager's perspectives such as: 
    • internal items codes and descriptions
    • each supplier's code and description for POs
    • all related UOMs
    • dimensions
    • properties
    • expense types

    1. Company logo and all external documents for replication in documentation


    1. Sample GL Transactions for replication


    1. Sample Check Stubs (Payroll, AP, Garnishment) for replication in documentation


    1. Sample Job Cost/Job Budget for replication


    1. Sample Reports (PO, AR Invoice, PM) for replication


    1. Sample WIP for replication in new WIP and potential customization


    1. Complete AR Aging (By Customer/Job) for tie off


    1. IF you are looking to integrate an estimating system, you need to:
    • create mapping template for each estimator's database
    • map item codes and descriptions, cost codes, expense types
    • map locations/subsections, UOM, price per UOM, unit cost
    • total cost, dimensions
    • You also need to make sure the solution has the ability to map items that were added to any database that were not previously mapped on the fly without software vendor's assistance.
    1. Outstanding retainage for entry (By Customer/Job)


    1. Trial Balance (Same date as AR)


    1. full historical AIA SOV's for manual entry to enable accurate retainage billing


    1. Invoice & Cash Receipt Register for replication


    1. AIA billing templates from all customer invoice template for replication in auto-progress billing templates


    1. All vendor invoices for mapping so PO matching tools can work


    1. Complete change order log for replication


    1. All sales Tax Rates/Reporting for replication


    1. Monthly WIP Reports (Fiscal Year)


    1. Employee YTD and Payroll Information – Pay Stub/Time Sheet


    1. Payroll Register Reports for replication


    1. Sample Reports (CPR, Union, etc.) for replication


    1. Sample Direct Deposit File for replication


    1. Sample Positive Pay File for replication


    1. All open subcontracts for replication


    1. Complete benefit plans/enrollment (ACA) for set up in benefits tracking


    1. Remote introduction to customer, vendor and employee info


    1. Remote introduction to inventory/material management


    1. Remote introduction to vendor pricing, job special pricing and PO creation


    1. Remote intro to payroll info; pay rates (union/davis bacon, prevail wage, benefits, safety cert etc.)


    1. Open AR for replication and tie off


    1. Open AP / Discount Report for replication and tie off


    1. Confirm Trial Balance


    1. Employee YTD's (Quarterly) - 940 & 941 for replication


    1. Open Check Lists/Deposits for replication and tie off


    1. Open / Pending Change Orders for replication and tie off


    1. Bank Balance as of Trial Balance (All) for tie off


    1. Bank Reconciliation (All) for replication in documentation and tie off


    1. Job Cost to Date for replication and tie off


    1. Budget's for replication and tie off


    1. Pre-Live WIP Report for tie off


    Go-live Services


    1. TRAINING for 3rd party estimating system import


    1. TRAINING for Payroll/HR


    1. TRAINING for Accounting/financial management


    1. TRAINING for pre-construction


    1. TRAINING for Job start up


    1. TRAINING for Purchasing & material management


    1. TRAINING for Job Costing


    1. TRAINING for Document Control


    1. TRAINING for Contracts & Subcontracts


    1. 1st month end emergency data repair  (time sensitive data repair which is needed with new ERP implementations)


    1. TRAINING for project management


    1. TRAINING for estimators (if required)


    1. TRAINING for field (if mobile apps required)


    Post-Live Services


    1. Continued core function training


    1. Post-live punch list creation and resolution


    1. 1st quarterly emergency data repair  (time sensitive data repair which is needed with new ERP implementations)


    1. CPA checklist and sign off


    1. Post-live utilization assessment


    1. 1st year end emergency data repair  (time sensitive data repair which is needed with new ERP implementations)


    1. Itemize all custom reports and/or custom work, imports/exports, mappings and APIs required so client can negotiate the cost of ensuring all custom work is made compliant with ALL future software updates as updates often break customization, imports/exports, mappings and APIs.



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