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    Posted 11-18-2019 12:36

    Austin Industries has a purchase card program with hundreds of Comdata cards. We utilize Chrome River to process charges and load them into our ERP. We are looking for a more intelligent way to provide visibility to both executive management and front line transaction approvers.

    Currently our approvers log in to Chrome River they have no visibility on unsubmitted transaction data for users they are expected to approve. The accounting department polices unsubmitted transactions, but is looking for a better way to empower approvers to monitor their subordinates.

    How do other companies manage this?

    Is there a somewhat canned solution in Chrome River to provide visibility?

    Does a person have to physically run reports and email them out to approvers so they can "encourage" people to process their transactions?

    Is your practice to revoke card privileges when transactions are not process and approved "timely"?

    Has cutting of the cards helped get users to document transactions more expediently?

    We are considering developing our own Microsoft BI tool with Chrome River data, but would prefer to do something simpler if possible. Any input on process improvement or feedback on real life experience is greatly appreciated.

    Steven Spradlin | Internal Audit
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    Steven Spradlin CCIFP
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