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Company Clothing Purchases?

  • 1.  Company Clothing Purchases?

    Posted 20 days ago

    I wanted to see what others are doing when it comes to selling company clothing to employees.  We currently give new employees a set number of  shirts and pants that are required for their jobs.  They then have the option to purchase additional items.  Our current process has become cumbersome and very time consuming as there are no limits to the amount they can buy and it is processed through weekly payments in payroll.

    Handling of the clothing has become a full time position, not to mention we have had employees leave prior to paying in full.

    We are hesitant to set up a website as we don't want our clothing distributors to see our selling prices. I have started looking into using a product like Square.

    Does anyone else have any recommendations?




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    Posted 19 days ago
    Hi Kimberly -

    We have a similar setup. We provide a t-shirt or 2 to our field employees at hire date and then we provide various safety incentives, birthday gifts, etc. throughout the year. We recently found a wonderful store option that allows us to provide vouchers instead of having to stock and distribute clothing. We've been using this program since January and I have nothing but wonderful things to say about how easy, efficient and cost-effective it has been. Our less tech-savvy employees have had a bit more aversion to the new system but they are coming around :)

    Here's the contact info for our rep!
    Jeff Bayer (513) 604-0858


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    Posted 18 days ago
    Edited by Rita Kelly 18 days ago

    We have a differing perspectives. We see our staff and their appearance as a direct reflection of our company and core values. They provide their own slacks and boots. We provide everything else at no cost to them. Since we are paperless, we use the file cabinets in our old file room to "stock" shirts, hoodies, caps etc. We note the size, color, long or short sleeve on the face each file drawer.

    Other managers (in other settings) have asked me about the "cost" of such a policy. Our ownership attitude is that our technicians are driving $50k trucks and installing expensive equipment in sensitive applications. If I can't trust them with uniform shirts (or petty cash, or a credit card), then they are not a good fit in our corporate culture. We have found our trust in them encourages accountability in our amazing technicians.

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