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  • 1.  Time Keeping Software

    Posted 11-07-2019 14:49
    We have jobs across the nation and need a time keeping software that has the minimum following capabilities;

    • Integrate well with our ERP (Spectrum)
    • Adhere to different state overtime, double-time, sick pay laws etc. 
    • Mobile use
    • Offline capabilities
    • Jobs and phases assigned per user
    • Daily subsistence calculations.
    • Electronic signature
    • Approval process
    • Robust live time reporting

    I'm interested to know what you are using and how it works for you.  We've looked down a lot of avenues and can't find what we need.

    Feel free to message me.


    Cassie Marcellus
    Casey Industrial, Inc.
    Westminster CO
    (720) 974-2675

  • 2.  RE: Time Keeping Software

    Posted 11-07-2019 20:27
    We are also Spectrum users and recently completed an exhaustive search and decided to go with PowerTrack from POSData. We felt it was the most flexible and works extremely well with Spectrum. We are in the implementation process now.

    Jeffrey Garber CPA, MBA

    Sunset Air, Inc.
    Lacey WA
    (360) 923-1244

  • 3.  RE: Time Keeping Software

    Posted 11-09-2019 14:51
    We are Spectrum user.  We have used Power Track for remote entry for several years and it continues to grow with us.   From your list, I think it would work for you.   Here's their contact.

    253.255.2963  |   

    Kathy Ladd
    Baker Group
    Ankeny IA
    (515) 262-4000