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    Posted 12-12-2018 10:13

    We are having some issues with our current Electronic Logbook Device software and looking for some feedback from the community on who you guys are using and if it's actually working out in the real world with the truck drivers.  Currently, we are using Verizon Connect (formerly Fleetmatics) for our GPS and ELD.  The GPS side of the program works great...but the ELD side is not so great.  We are specifically having issues with connecting to the trucks through Bluetooth on the android tablets and constantly having updates that need to be made to the app / firmware problems / hardware problems for the unit that is hardwired into the trucks. 


    If anyone has some success story to share with the ELD's that they are using, we would love to hear it!  ( And if you are using the Verizon Connect/Fleetmatics product and would be kind enough to let me know how you are successful in operating the system, I would definitely appreciate discussing that with you. )




    Randall E. West, CCIFP


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