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Unit Price/Civil Projects in Vista by Viewpoint

  • 1.  Unit Price/Civil Projects in Vista by Viewpoint

    Posted 03-26-2019 11:01
    Has any Civil/Heavy Highway Contractors successfully set up and actively use Vista by Viewpoint?

    Issues we are having:
    • Quantity over/under runs (how to have them flow through the system)
    • PM Cost Projections vs JC Cost Projections (which one are you using)
    • Tracking quantities on subcontractors
    • What system are you using to to track quantities in the field (Heavyjob, Procore, other)

    So basically everything....


    Kevin Lynch
    Project Accountant
    Dawson Construction
    Bellingham WA
    (360) 756-1000

  • 2.  RE: Unit Price/Civil Projects in Vista by Viewpoint

    Posted 04-17-2019 09:56

    We have three divisions, including a civil division.  The civil division is typically in unit-price land.  We also implemented Vista about a year ago.  To answer a few of your questions, we use the following workflow:  (1) Responsible field leader enters time and production information daily through Field Time (another Viewpoint product); (2) Responsible project manager reviews/approves time and production information weekly; (3) Payroll uploads the information in Vista which creates a batch in a JC progress entry; (4) Our controller finalizes and posts the batch; (5) reports are issued weekly for self-perform tasks which include an over/under; (6) a meeting is held each Tuesday to address any issues; (7) each month, JC Cost Projections are run to forecast quantity over/under runs as well as unit cost over/under runs.

    As for subcontractor quantities, in our industry, the Owner typically measures and submits a work complete report to us.  We disseminate that to our subcontractors and discuss the owner's quantities within 48 hours. Any discrepancies are then resolved. Once resolved, we generate an invoice for the subcontractor for entry into AP based on the Owner's approved quantities.

    Let me know if you need more than this.

    Joshua Brotemarkle
    CFO | General Counsel
    LS Black Constructors, Inc.
    St. Paul MN
    (651) 789-2902