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    Posted 02-21-2019 12:05

    We are looking into digital transaction management software such as Docusign to facilitate our subcontract agreement and owner contract processes.  I am interesting in hearing who is using such software and which solution they are utilizing and the factors that sealed the decision.   I'm also interested if your subcontractors have jumped on board with the e-signature software.


    Thank you!



    Barbara Kuntz


    2904 N. Madelia St

    PO Box 7339
    Spokane, WA 99207

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    Posted 02-22-2019 12:31

    Great timing, as we are just beginning this process ourselves.  Any input regarding what you like and/or don't like about the application and process would also be appreciated.


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    Greg Belanger

    West Fork Construction, Inc.

    6050 Warehouse Way

    Sacramento, CA  95826

    916.452.8197  x11

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    Posted 02-25-2019 09:44
    ​Interested as well.

    Wendy Byerley
    Director, Contract Controls
    Allan Myers, Inc.
    Worcester PA
    (610) 584-3430

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    Posted 02-26-2019 12:46
    We utilize Rightsignature with great success. It allows us to set fields for text, dates and signatures.  I am happy to discuss with anyone looking for how it works. 

    Kimberly M. (Beeler) Peterson
    Chief Financial Officer 
    Beeler Construction, Inc.
    "Partnerships Built on Trust"

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    Posted 02-26-2019 11:26
    Edited by Bradley McAdams 02-26-2019 11:27
    My name is Bradley McAdams and I am with Requordit out of Chicago.  We offer a contract lifecycle management solution.  This solution can handle contract requests and related activities, accessing all contract related data and documents in one central place.  Our solution manages the complete contract lifecycle, automating predictable steps while empowering staff to complete knowledge-driven work.  One complete view of all information, tasks, activities and correspondence that will increase employee productivity by eliminating the need to jump between multiple applications, spreadsheets or file shares.  Our solution offers a Docusign integration that will allow you to share the contract with a 3rd party and have it signed as part of the overall process.

    Another solution that fits very well with our contract management solution would be vendor management.  Our solution allows companies to streamline the vendor management process to improve relationships and minimize organizational risk.  The solution allows organizations to access vendor-specific compliance documents, contract details, correspondence and critical issues in one location. Mitigate risk and support better purchasing decisions by allowing users to record incidents, complete vendor evaluations and vendor performance.

    Please feel free to reach out to me if you would like to discuss your business requirements which will determine if our solutions would be a good fit for your organization.

    Bradley McAdams
    Account Executive Construction Vertical
    Chicago IL
    (312) 848-4767

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    Posted 02-27-2019 09:02
    We have opted to use Docusign because it integrates with Procore. Although, as of now, we are only using it for HR documents as we are re-writing some of our documents before we integrate.

    Bobby Redinger CPA, CCIFP
    Timberlake Construction
    Oklahoma City OK
    (405) 840-2521

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    Posted 02-27-2019 12:07


    Thanks for the input.  Do you find their application is intuitive to use?  Does Docusign respond timely to your questions or if you've needed help?


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    Posted 02-27-2019 13:14
    A lot of good solutions offered already. I'd like to +1 @Bobby Redinger 's post and add look towards a solution that integrates directly with your existing upstream and/or downstream software. Greater efficiencies are gained when contract data is easily transferred in and out of the legal documents themselves through direct integration.


    Geoff Arnold
    CEO + Co-Founder
    Sioux City IA

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    Posted 03-07-2019 09:22
    For the most part yes. They have great how to videos that I watched and followed along with as I set up some of the forms. I do have a Rep that I am able to call for help as well.

    Bobby Redinger CPA, CCIFP
    Timberlake Construction
    Oklahoma City OK
    (405) 840-2521

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    Posted 03-07-2019 11:34


    Really appreciate your taking the time to reach out and provide input.  Thank you. Greg