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Scanner question

  • 1.  Scanner question

    Posted 06-06-2019 12:17
    Hello All. We have asphalt plants that use thermal paper for ticketing. We have a hard time scanning these into our network because they get jammed often. Is anyone aware or does anyone use a scanner for thermal paper that may work better?

    Karen Littlefield, Sent from my iPad
    American Asphalt Company Inc.
    W. Collingswood Heights, NJ

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    Posted 06-07-2019 12:10

    Have you considered taking pictures of your thermal prints and turning them into a PDF documents.  We've been using a free cell phone application, which does this, for about a year now.  Our field people use it to take pictures of their receipts and send them into the office.  Name of the application is "Genius Scan"  If you'd like to know more, email our employee who set up and coordinates this for us.  Her name is Kristi Wilson.  Email:



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    Posted 06-07-2019 14:02

    We scan several hundred tickets in a week so the picture idea is a good one, but wouldn't work for that volume.  We're hoping to find a scanner that's made to handle this type of paper, wasn't sure if anyone was using for this application already.

    Karen Littlefield
    Vice President of Finance
    American Asphalt Company
    W. Collingswood Hts NJ
    (856) 456-2899

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    Posted 06-08-2019 08:43
    We use a free app called camscan without phones and tablets. May be worth looking at as well.


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    Posted 06-11-2019 08:37
    I have a Fujitsu ScanSnap IX500 that is a desktop scanner - small in size so takes up little space - but I believe it would scan thermal paper.  It has several options to scan photos, business cards, receipts, documents, etc. Maybe check an office supply where you might be able to test it out before buying?

    Davenport Masonry Inc.
    Holt MI
    (517) 699-6162

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    Posted 06-11-2019 17:41

    Hello Karen,

    Fujitsu has great scanners.  Depending on business need, I generally recommend either the fi series, or the ScanSnap series.  

    In my experience, thermal papers wear out the rubber rollers in the scanners more quickly, so they need to be cleaned them more often.

    You may also want to consider a ContactLess scanner.  Here is the link to Fujitsu's product video.

    Good Luck,
    Varoujan Adamian
    Principal Consultant
    Burbank, CA
    (818) 201-5111