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Sage 300 CRE timekeeping software

  • 1.  Sage 300 CRE timekeeping software

    Posted 11-20-2019 12:19
    We use Sage 300 CRE and run weekly payroll in-house. We currently use mJob to collect timekeeping information from hand scanners at jobsites and remote offices and upload that data to Sage. The software works okay but we want to move to an upgraded biometric solution and mJob's devices aren't compatible with newer iPads, etc. and their responsiveness is poor.

    Does anyone use a different biometric timekeeping system in coordination with Sage 300 CRE? Would you recommend it? Pros and cons?


    Michele McGrath
    Silverline Construction
    Gardena CA
    (424) 344-7908

  • 2.  RE: Sage 300 CRE timekeeping software

    Posted 11-25-2019 13:59
    Hi Michele,
    Since early 2018 we have been using the mJobTime bio-metric finger scanning solution on iPads in the field.  We currently have hundreds upon hundreds of employees clocking in/clocking out via hundreds of bio-metric scanners daily and in turn uploading that data to servers and subsequently, after management approval, importing the information into our ERP for payroll processing.  Everything is certainly not "perfect' since the system relies upon scanning hardware communicating with iOS based devices and in turn syncing the data via Wi-Fi or cellular communications and of course inevitably adjusting hours for various reasons (EE didn't clock in or forgot to clock-out, iPad malfunction, scanner malfunction, etc. etc.)  Despite all the potential hiccups, the clock-in/clock-out functionality works for us and is extremely fast.  The success rate across the country of the actual scans and/or clock-in/clock-outs are at or near 99%+ when looking at it on a monthly/annual basis.   We have invested heavily in training and are continuing to do so as we continue to expand the usage across the country with the ultimate goal of making sure the solution is both fast and simple.

    Lastly, we have found mJobTime for the most part, has been very responsive to our requests and schedule most of the straightforward enhancements/requests in the queue for delivery in the next scheduled release of the software (about once a quarter).

    If you would like, you could give me a call and I could arrange having you talk to some users regarding specific issues or our IT folks if that might be of benefit to Silverline.

    Best Regards,

    Michael Moorhouse MBA
    V.P. - Chief Financial Officer
    Heico Construction Group
    Kansas City MO
    (816) 332-4807