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    Posted 02-08-2019 16:50
    ​Hello All,

    We have moved mostly to direct deposit, but we still have some manual checks that we send out on a weekly basis. Every couple of weeks without fail, checks are misplaced or lost. Does anyone have any suggestions on what works for them to ensure that the checks get where they are supposed to go? Do most people require their employees come to the office to pick them up?

    Thanks in advance!

    Allison Bissonette
    Assistant Controller
    Houston TX
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    Posted 02-08-2019 18:03
    Edited by Kevin Halme 02-08-2019 19:17

    I generally recommend requiring direct deposit if acceptable in your state. You could give exceptions to new hires if they need time to arrange a bank account/prepaid card. In a prior position, this eliminated the lost checks or uncashed payroll adjustment checks.


    Kevin Halme
    Constructive Tech Solutions
    Omaha, NE

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    Posted 02-08-2019 18:57

    I know at least prior to leaving the State of AZ would not allow an employer to require direct deposit.   So in order to comply to the law we required employees to come pick up their check personally if they didn't want to participate in direct deposit.  If you state doesn't have that type of requirement we wouldn't allow for exceptions because of all of the complications it created. 








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    Posted 02-09-2019 17:14
    If requiring direct deposit is not an option,  issuing bank issued reloadable cards may be a good idea. Your bank most likely offers these. They can also be used to fund perdiem for employees who work remotely.

    Micah Trosclair CPA
    Assistant Controller
    WHPacific, Inc.
    Galliano LA
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    Posted 02-11-2019 08:26
    We are a union contractor, and I have made it a requirement to have direct deposit, and whenever possible, our notices are emailed to them each week.  I have had very little resistance on this, with the exceptions of a few people not having emails.  My last employer, direct deposit was mandatory - when you were hired you were given direct deposit paperwork and the slips were emailed.  I have had to print and mail direct deposits to employees on occasion if they need for a loan or some type of verification, but those instances have been rare. It has worked well for us, and eliminated any issues with lost checks or delayed receipt due to the postal service. I do have a few that also have the reloadable cards for their direct deposit, and those have had no issues either.  The direct deposit form is part of our new hire packet.

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    Posted 02-11-2019 09:07
    Since the law in Virginia does not allow for mandatory direct deposit, we have used a stick and honey approach:
    If you are not on direct deposit, you will not be eligible for our safety award program. Also, if a check is issued and is lost by our employee, we deduct the cost of a stop payment order on the original check. If the check is lost thru no fault of the employee, we do not charge them. We currently have around 80% of our workforce on DD but that remaining 20% is very stubborn.
    I'd be open to new ideas...

    Jeffrey Lynch CPA
    Director of Finance/Treasurer
    Chewning & Wilmer, Inc.
    Richmond VA
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