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    Posted 25 days ago
    Curious to hear of anyone that has used Docuware platform for document management/routing system.  What has the experience been like?  Plus/minuses?  What has it been used for?

    Christopher Bean CPA, CFE
    CPA Finance & Adminstration
    Bohemia NY
    (631) 564-2629

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    Posted 23 days ago


    Brenda Keomany



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    Posted 21 days ago
    We have used it for about 18 months and we love it.  All invoices that come in each day are scanned and then routed to each PM for approval.  All job related documents are stored in Docuware and it is very easy to access it.

    Jim Frederick BBA-Accounting
    Corcoran Glass & Paint, Inc.
    Greenville WI
    (920) 757-9900

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    Posted 21 days ago
    We are working on a project with our Docuware reseller to scan and route AP documents for coding and export the data to Sage 100 Contractor at the end of the process. We are waiting on an upgrade to our Docuware installation which is supposed to be rolled out to us next month and which will make it easier for us to assign multiple job/GL codes to one invoice. I can definitely keep you posted on how it goes. Feel free to contact me directly if you would like to discuss further.

    Britt Galipault CCIFP
    Smith Fence Company
    Saint Petersburg FL
    (941) 321-8522

  • 5.  RE: Docuware

    Posted 21 days ago
    Hi Christopher,

    Content management in our industry has become more critical than ever, and DocuWare is certainly a respectable solution. The key is that DocuWare does use metadata tags for invoices, which helps you find what you're looking for, making processes like billing backup and audits much easier.  When considering it for invoice routing, you would need to move towards the configurable workflow, as the out of the box "Kinetic" workflow they offer isn't really suitable for our industry.

    Things to consider when implementing a content management solution.

    • Integration: Will it be compatible with your current ERP?
    • Vendor Experience: DocuWare has many partners/resellers. Find someone who has experience in our industry and as a bonus, someone who also has experience with your ERP. 
    • Resources: Because it is configurable, there is a lot of upfront set-up work that needs to happen.  Ask if the vendor can provide above and beyond professional services during deployment. Unless your IT department is large, you will need their assistance. Note: You may need to do some upfront cleanup on your vendor/supplier list in your ERP to make indexing of your invoices easier.
    • Scope of Work:  Prior to signing, provide DocuWare with example workflows and consider what documents are to be stored in the repository. This way they can give you a realistic quote for services.
    That should get you started. Keep in mind that they call it an "enterprise solution" for a reason. It can relieve many departmental pain points and will provide solid ROI when also utilized for processes outside of invoice routing and approval. Contract management workflow is a good example. So is using it for the capture and additional security around employee master files. It's a solution that fills in some of the technology gaps we experience while providing good records management and compliance.

    Let me know if you have any questions and if you wanted to chat further.

    Jacqueline Green
    Senior Consultant - Information Management
    Burger Consulting Group

    Christian Burger
    Burger Consulting Group
    Chicago IL
    (312) 651-4151