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  • 1.  Procore/Sage

    Posted 01-24-2019 15:25

    I'm interested in feedback on Procore/Sage from people who are using it.  What's your experience?  Do you, the accounting/finance personnel like it?  What about your field and operational personnel?  How is their support?  How is their implementation team?  What don't you like about it?


    John T. Metz, CPA, CCIFP

    Chief Financial Officer

    832 Industrial Drive • Elmhurst, IL • 60126

    P: (312) 256.8500 • F: (312) 256.8501




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  • 2.  RE: Procore/Sage

    Posted 01-25-2019 17:44
    Hi John.

    We are a Sage user for 15 years and a Procore for 3.  Our revenue is between 200 and 300 million as a design builder general contractor.

    Procore works fantastic with Sage. I was extremely skeptacal at first and a bit hard to win over.  Prior to becoming a CFO, I did accounting software implementations for the constsruction industry.  I have been extremely surprised how effecient and seamless the two products work together.  The actual cost to date in procore is displayed by cost distrabution and matches the cost to date in Sage.  There is an ERP function that keeps the two programs in sync.

    The accounting and field teams are very happy for different reasons.  The field teams have access to more information than before, communication tools are easy to use, plans, committments, budgets and change orders are availabe anytime anywhere, making collaboration a fundemental part of the process.  The accounting team likes that Procore helps keep the field teams oganized and accountable.  All transactions start in Procore which puts the responsibility where it belongs - with the originator of the transaction.  Procore has an audit trail for every transaction, therefore bottle necks are transparent.  We use Docusighn with Procore for subcontracts and change orders.

    John, feel free to give me a call to talk about the implementation.  There is much more to elaborate on the process.  Procore has many tools and fantastic people.  There are a few tricks to consider on work in progress jobs, the directory and workflow.


    Jackie Buck CCIFP
    Vice President of Finance & Administration
    Harper Construction Company, Inc.
    San Diego CA
    (619) 235-3760

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    Posted 01-28-2019 15:12
    Thanks for the information Jackie.  May I ask what HR Management/Payroll software you use?  Thanks.

    Kenneth Reidy
    Cornerstone General Contractors
    Bothell WA
    (425) 481-7460

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    Posted 01-31-2019 16:33



    We process our payroll in house using Sage for HR and Payroll



    Jackie L. Buck, CCIFP

    Vice President of Finance and Administration


    Harper Construction Company, Inc.

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